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For a limited time only!

It's Friday afternoon. I have no real plans for the evening & I'm gonna be gone for the weekend. I have also just returned home from grocery shopping. This'll be the last time I'll be able to see anyone until Sunday evening so just for something to do I'll cook. So if you want a late supper & maybe a movie in the air conditioned splendour of the Casa del Mal call me. I'll be cooking either beef stew with dumplings or macaroni & cheese (as well as sweet corn on the cob) depending on how many people respond before oh, say, seven o'clock this evening. You have been warned.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. 7:30 PM
Beef stew it is! It won't be ready until about 9:30 so there's still plenty of time to call & place a reservation. I'll be here.

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