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Hmm, it's quiet. . . A little too quiet.

[activates WinAmp]

Ahh, much better. It has been quiet tho'. No calls, no messages, no mail of significance. Something of a contrast out of the past several where I managed to get two calls a day before I even stumbled out of bed. I did find a note on my door from my landlord tho' so I suppose that can count for something. Evidently my lawn has grown too ragged these past two & a half rainy weeks & he would like me to mow & trim before next Tuesday. It would have helped were I to have a working lawnmower but I did not procure one until yesterday afternoon when I already had plans. It would also have helped if it did not rain so much so the ground could dry out enough to mow. Oh sure, I still have my motorless reel mower but you have to be quite regular with it or the lawn will grow more than the modest blades can handle. So I borrowed the folks' mower while in town on errands yesterday & did a quick run-through this afternoon between showers. I'll do it again in a day or so on a much lower setting so the cut grass actually mulches rather than piling up in rows I'll have to rake. I'll do as much as I can tomorrow if it's dry but I still resent Don leaving the note like he did. I had already planned to do this at my next opportunity.

I also washed, dried & folded laundry & cleaned & changed the water in the aquarium, all while listening to about five or six episodes of X-Minus One. I'm really getting into this show now that I'm familiar with the format. I've probably only listened to a couple dozen episodes out of a couple hundred so I have plenty more to go, but I've already come across two familiar stories. "Knock" & "The Veldt" are both read by Michael Hanson in episodes of Mindwebs. X-Minus One obviously did it first since that show was broadcast in the 1950s & Mindwebs the '70s. In both stories, one version was dramatized with a full cast, SFX & music where the other was a straight reading with perhaps different inflections for the character voices & some appropriately moody prerecorded music. Both versions of each story are good in their own way & it's interesting to note the different moods they each can evoke. I'd be happy to upload alternate presentations of the stories if anyone is interested.

It's been nice having more time off from work but my last severance paycheck is this Friday. Wait, that's freaking tomorrow! Damn. Medical insurance is going to get really expensive soon & I haven't even covered my deductible yet. I can't say I've done anything of much significance or importance during this time but the vacation of sorts has been much needed & well deserved for a long time now. I've been enjoying it to its fullest. I've seen a lot more of my friends & got to know some much better than I would have had I remained gainfully employed. I don't think I've had so much time off since I was in high school.

I played more Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth this afternoon. There is an extra added degree of difficulty during the day because the game is so dark that any reflection or glare on the screen distracts from the game. Yet another reason why nighttime is ideal for this stuff.

Gaah. Getting tired again. I doubt I'll get a job by tomorrow afternoon but with luck I may have another offer through the temp agency. I should be free tomorrow but I must needs remember to call Anjean regarding our meeting for the video game concert in Chicago this Saturday. So yeah, free tomorrow but not Saturday. Until then...

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