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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of Temp Jobs

Shit, I need to take a break!

Almost immediately upon returning home this evening from an eventful afternoon (to be detailed below) I extinguished all the lights save a single red bulb, opened the window to let the cold & humid breeze chill through the room & settled forward to the edge of my seat for some quality time with Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I bought the game Sunday while shopping with my matronly ancestry & have put in a few hours per night since.

It's frightening. Yes, this video game has actually instilled me with a sense of fear. This is very noteworthy because I rarely have strong emotional responses to games outside of excitement, pride or frustration. Yet the creators of this game have somehow managed to combine some of the most captivating elements of Lovecraft's fiction with an established gaming genre & make it work in a way that draws the user into the Mythos without distraction & scare the bajeepers out of them. The pacing throughout is good & holds me in a way that makes it difficult to stop. I have a feeling I'm not going to lose interest in this one for a while.

I could keep gushing about the game but sacredspud has already described it more succinct & efficiently than I could. I'm looking forward to more long nights ahead.

A lot of I suppose noteworthy stuff has happened through the past few weeks but the impetus to chronicle these things, even the more interesting ones, has been lax at best. I think much of it has to do with having no real set schedule to look forward to so I spend much of the day distracting myself when not engaged in chores or other necessary tasks. Then there was two weeks of work at an unpleasant temp job which left me pretty much exhausted most of the time & desiring to escape whenever not immediately confronted with it. I still feel increasing pressure to write but the task to record it all becomes more & more intimidating until I reach the point of no return & just throw it off. Rinse. Repeat. Here, then, is my first attempt in a while at a real journal entry.

I had been planning to lodge crabmoon at the chateau de Evil two weeks ago & spent some time in preparation. I've never had long-term company here & was looking forward to the change. The place really does need a feminine touch & a change of atmosphere. This was also the first week of my 4:30PM to 3:00AM job which could have been a minor inconvenience with conflicting schedules but I had planned to be on my best behavior & practice sneaking so as not to awaken anyone at my hour of arrival. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding about her cat on the first day & by the time we straightened things out she had already found a more permanent place to stay with korinandrkitten. She has to pay rent there & for a much smaller room but as they plan on moving out of that place together to somewhere else later this summer I guess it all works out in the end. Still, I miss the company.

The job sucked. I think I made this clear already but I promised to go into more detail. I worked for Sico Incorporated in Bellville. They specialize in mobile folding products like school lunch tables & portable stuff caterers & hotels use. I was stationed in one area for both weeks working on most aspects of assembling their portable parquet dance floors. You'd think something like this would be assembled by robots by now but since it's such a small operation they still do it all by hand. During my time there I did everything except build the 3'X3' frames & glue the individual tiles down. It consisted of long, boring 10 hour shifts of repetitive work made exponentially worse by three of the most deplorable, disgusting & sick-minded co-workers I have ever had the misfortune to fall in with. For the sake of simplicity I shall refer to them as Loudmouth, Pottymouth & Charlie. The names, I think, should be self-explanatory. Charlie was just as bad as Pottymouth except that I only saw him for the first few days. He came in late a number of times, presumably sick, & was fired after my first week there.

There was only ONE day where it did not rain during my drive to or from work those weeks. The entire route was rural country roads & I only passed one gas station on the way. Breaking down at night would mean little hope of a timely rescue.

My first night there was inconsequential as all I did for ten hours was cut little tabs from floor tiles with a table saw. The second night I got to meet the three aforementioned co-workers where I was constantly barraged with a steady torrent of foul language, grammar & inappropriate conversational subject matter. Because, you know, you gotta give the new guy a little shit when he joins. Before I knew them very well I made the grave mistake of mentioning that I was lodging a friend as a favour, & the graver error that she was a beautiful woman. For the entire night I had to deny advancements of a scandalous relationship & refuse suggestions for inappropriate & carnal methods of demanding & extracting "rent." I also had to defend my own preferences in intimate relationships, practices of personal hygiene & other subjects even less appropriate for the workplace. Most of these conversations could not be given a rating less than MA & my own part was little more than saying the word "no" throughout their entirety. The physical stress from the work plus driving home through dense fog, compiled with the building emotional stress through the night did not subside until well after I had collapsed into my chair at home. I could barely talk to Lindsay, let alone give little Gurnsey all the attention she wanted. I gave my week's notice to the temp agency on my second day there & worked through Friday of the first out of courtesy.

Pottymouth is a very opinionated person with very aggressive methods of communication when he gets riled up about a subject. Thankfully, since he's been working longer with Loudmouth most of that energy was directed toward him. (More than once I noticed that a half-hour had gone by without Loudmouth responding during a rant.) Earplugs were provided freely & I made use of them frequently. He's an admitted software, music & cable pirate & very proud of any conning he does (which he pronounces "cone-ing") where he profits & no-one else notices & (thankfully) isn't really harmed. He has admitted to illegally re-selling Viagra. Despite the language, "part-time jobs" & his general attitudes toward life he is currently schooling to become a lawyer. Which branch I'm not sure but I'd risk representing myself before ever letting him defend me.

Loudmouth seems to be either senile, drunk, or both at all times. He bellows at everyone regardless of their proximity or the general background noise, possibly due to working at a foundry for 20 years prior to whatever injury that landed him at a temp agency. He's subject to spontaneous hollerings of pointless obscure songs, bad jokes, or both ("My moma told me not to smoke it, and it took me far awayyy.") He's ugly, & filthy even at the start of the shift. His bewildering crossed eye (I have no idea how he can see anything correctly) alone would make even your grandmother want to punch him right in the nose for the remote chance that it might straighten that eye out. [shudders] I could hardly stand to look at him as it was, let alone while he was talking to me. Still, when forced to choose between working with one or the other I would still prefer Pottymouth, who is less overall repulsive & disgusting & more just offensive. At least he likes video games.

Fortunately, during my last few days there we found a happy medium with the music I brought in to play on the portable CD player I found there. Aside from the Tool, Eminem, & other crap he brought in, he also enjoys the Doors & Led Zepplin, & liked my Techmaster P.E.B. albums enough to make note of them so he could steal them later. At least those are out of print.

Spaaaace caaaarrr! If there was one good thing about the dangerous, winding, half-hour drive there every day it was passing the Space Car on County Road "D." Parked on the side of a farmer's driveway quietly sits a shiny metal car that could only be intended for space travel. I never want to go to Bellville or Sico again, but I will invite friends a little ways out into the countryside to see this strange vehicle & help ponder its little mysteries.

In other news, it's late & I'm getting tired. I'm going to have to start summarizing.

Thirsty?This afternoon matt_william & I carried out a pre-planned visit to yon cinema with toastmastertom to see the new remake of The Poseidon Adventure. If you've seen the first one then it's pretty much what you'd expect of the film redone in 2006. I was really only interested in the first 30 minutes where we see the ship capsize so after that I just made fun of it. No one complained since the three of us were the only people in the theater.

Today I received a lot of phone calls. Two woke me up & a third would have had I not given up & showered. Most calls were well-timed, most notably the one from Gemma. Matt & Tom & I were just about out the door when she called looking for someone she & Lindsay could cook for. I explained that I was with other people & we were leaving shortly but we worked it out so the three of us would drop by after the movie. (I'm sorry we didn't call, by the way. We were more concerned with getting there safely & dryly in the rain.) The movie was fun & entertaining & when it was over the ladies treated us to a delicious dinner of stir-fried vegetables over white rice & a heaping side of fresh French fries. Top it all off with homemade cake & Refer Madness: The Musical & you have an unforgettable evening of food, fun & friends. (And aparently corny aliteration.)

Ok, I'm officially pooed out. My attention span is now getting shorter than these sentences & I need to take a break before I find myself staring blankly at the screen for minutes on end. I'll have to wait until another day to fill in all the other details. I didn't even get to showing how Jim Morrison must have visited Innsmouth. Time to switch back to Call of Cthulhu.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. Have I loaned anyone my MST3K Clowns in the Sky CDs to anyone? If I did it must have been a while ago because I can't find them anywhere & I don't remember where they are. I would really appreciate having them back soon.
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