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Arrgh! This is getting really annoying. I've stayed up far too late past my bedtime, not reading The Da Vinci Code, but rereading parts of it in an attempt to straighten out key alliances in my head before finishing the final fifty pages. I've come to the part where double crossings are finally being revealed one by one. At first I attributed my confusion to an intricately woven mystery but now that I've gone back to carefully seek out foreshadowing & apply it to the present I'm beginning to suspect that it may just be sloppy writing. I still haven't decided for certain if the shadowy high-ranking official in the Opus Dei known only as The Teacher & the British grail historian Leigh Teabing are one in the same because, altho' there's evidence that strongly suggests this (especially when in one scene The Teacher visits Remy just before killing him, & in another in Teabing's memory he does the same,) the wording in the conversation between Remy & Silas in chapter 84 (for my own reference) is so convoluted that the thought of Teabing & The Teacher being one person would be utterly ridiculous. I can handle dual alliances & multiple layers of story, Mr. Brown, but you have to understand them yourself well enough before presenting them in a story. I can re-read passages in your book & rewind the movie to check your continuity. Intentionally inaccurate foreshadowing for the sake of misdirection isn't clever, it's just bad writing. -- Of course, I could still be wrong.

Warning: the previous journal entry contained potential plot spoilers for The Da Vinci Code & should not have been read by persons who have not yet read the book or seen the movie.

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