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Dont' look now, they live!

I suspect this entry will only be of interest to sacredspud, matt_william & possibly Merrie & Craig, who saw They Live! with me at the Orpheum tonite, but the download is available to anyone.

In short, They Live is an aliens-among-us invasion story where we are unknowingly being controlled by alien overlords. Watching the movie tonite (for the first time in at least five years) I realized that this is actually quite similar to an old & favourite episode of Mindwebs, originally broadcast on Wisconsin Public Radio WHAD in January of 1979. The story is Don't Look Now by Henry Kutner, & ©1948. It's 29 minutes long & worth every one.

Left-click to download Don't Look Now 6.8MB.

It's available via YouSendIt.com for one week or 25 downloads. If anyone listens to it I would appreciate hearing what you thought.

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