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Finally freeee!

Week one of hell is finally over. My new temp job is miserable to say the least. Not the worst of which are the work hours of 4:30PM to 3:00 AM. Friday is supposed to be the first day of my weekend but I had to go in for eight hours of mandatory overtime & just got home within the last 20 minutes. So now it's my first opportunity this week to actually be social & I can't find anyone else free. If you want to do something with me, please call.

On the bright side, if all goes well next Friday (or Thursday) will be my last day at my current assignment. (I must stop by the temp agency to confirm. I did discuss this with a rep over the phone but I want to be doubly certain in order to remain on good terms with all involved.)

On the brighter side, I was awakened with a call yesterday morning by the hiring manager at a company I applied to back in March. He invited me in for an interview & if all goes well I may be working there next month.

On the dimmer side, I lost an eBay auction for the Virtual Boy game Insmouse No Yakata. One could equate this to phil_bond & Stack-Up as to how much I wamt this.

So some of it equals out. Only one more week of pain. I hope I can hold out.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. Drooool!

Additional: Hmm, still alone. The decision now is whether to play with my Virtual Boy or begin watching Noir. The former makes me hunger for more games & the latter causes me to wonder if anyone would want to watch it all in one day.

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