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Well, I was going to make a supper happy special announcement today but the resources (damned download is still at 1½% to go) are unavailable. The news is that I got a job assignment through my temp agency & I start this afternoon. My shift will be something like 4PM to 2Am Monday through Thursday. Unfortunately this means no Monday night at Jim's for a while but we'll figure something out. Pay is $10/hour which is a significant cut but it's still something. The current assignment is a common one & I might be able to stay on permanantly but unless I get a good raise for signing on or I just absolutely love it I'll only consider this temporary.

Right now, it's off to lunch & provide some necessary paperwork to the temp agency, & then to work. My vacation is over.

To those friends who read this I ask that you spread the "no Monday" news to others so they don't waste fuel getting here & finding no host.

- E V I L O U T -

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