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Darkly stalking?

Lately I've been thinking of stuff I can easily get rid of to make more room in my home for that ongoing cleaning/reorganizing thing I've been talking about since I moved in here three years ago. Something I remembered tonight is my collection of Onions that have been piling up since week one. They're easily recyclable newspaper but they're so entertaining that I can't bear to just throw them out. I typically read through each issue thoroughly as I get them & then file them on the ever-growing pile, only to be browsed at on the occasions I have to move them to get to something else, or when I have family over that doesn't appreciate video games. As I've said, I don't have the heart to throw them out so I am offering them to YOU, dear reader. That's three years worth of The Onion in the raw, hard-copy newsprint. 66 issues. A solid five-inch tall stack of America's finest news source. They're in relatively good shape, flat, all pages in-tact with very few doubles. They're free to whomever wants them the most & won't make me ship them. Call now. The comment box is standing by.

In other news? Um. There hasn't been much other news. Oh, I've had plenty I could write about but unfortunately tonight I discovered I have access to Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo & I've been sending Hsien-Ko through to help me beat the game. I must have spent the equivalent of $10 in quarters trying to get through the last challenger, Akuma. However, like most puzzle games the CPU cheats, obviously so. I eventually gave up but in the end I had nearly 500,000 points & the top score so I won anyway :P

This is all part of my renewed infatuation with Darkstalkers & related merchandise. I still rather suck at the game but I've finally found a FAQ with intuitive abbreviations for control movements. For example:

Dingo Jellybean's FAQ/Move List lists Morrigan's Darkness Illusion move as "JP, JP, F, SK, FP." The only mention of the abbreviations "J" & "S" relate to "Jumping" & "Standing" which makes that a bitch of a button combo to execute, especially when "F" is for "Flying."

Senio "Akuma" Rotondi's FAQ/Movelist lists Morrigan's Darkness Illusion move as "lp, lp, f, lk, hp." It doesn't take a look at his thorough & concise move list to know those are two low punches, a step forward, a low kick & a high punch.

The move works perfectly & looks as painful as it is entertaining. I don't know where the heck Dingo Jellybean learned his annotation but it has been a hindrance ever since I began attempting to learn the characters. However, his descriptions of each move, special, EX, &c. are quite detailed & useful so I will continue to use his FAQ along side of Senio's. Once I can find my three-hole puncher I'll make some books & start putting to use those six-inch binders some of you have noticed stacked in my living room. Eventually I'll have a mini library of game FAQs printed, organized & easily stored away to appease the anal-retentive gamer in me. For now, I'll re-stack those Onions & try to convince myself that I'll be awake before the temp agency calls again. (It's tough trying to sound like you've already been awake for three hours when the second ring wakes you up.)

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