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Evil Jim

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04:00 am: A weekend monday
Job search has been nil! I haven't filled out any applications since last month & have had no interviews at all. Having enjoyed a full week of vacation I am now ending my procrastination & tomorrow will hunt down Frito Lay & Life Style Staffing. If nothing is available at the former the latter can do the hunting for me. The last time I went to a temp agency they could have had me working someplace the next day so I am optimistic that I will find some source of income soon, even if it isn't my dream career.

In other news, I picked up my bicycle from the folks' place with the intent of dropping it off at the local bike shop for a tune-up & cleaning. To my dismay I discovered all too late that the business is open "by appointment only" on Mondays, therefore adding the chore to my list of Tuesday stuff. I need to go into town anyway for a haircut to look presentable for potential interviews. -- It actually looks fine as it is but I have a neckfull of annoying scruff I've neglected to keep shaven & when I wear a hat more scruff sticks out around my ears. Look good = feel good = confidence. -- I don't expect these chores to last all day so I might stop by the Olive garden to enjoy lunch & bothering koriandrkitten since I will be in the area anyway.

phil_bond called late this morning inviting me to get together later this afternoon & we did so. We watched clips from Talk Soup, four episodes of Penn & Teller's Bullshit, & shared in his adventures at No-Brand Con. Surprisingly, no video games were played. This will have to be rectified when next we meet.

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication earlier in the afternoon I was unable to see crabmoon tonight. She sounded either tired or depressed when I spoke with her on the phone later & I'm rather concerned. It could have just been due to not being able to see me but I'm not about to begin ego-stroking. Either way I hope she's all right.

I've had no feedback on the High Anxiety download I posted Saturday night. I'm not asking for a round of applause for my efforts but I would appreciate hearing how many people are taking advantage of it so I know if it will be worthwhile in the future with other such projects. Maybe next time I'll make it easy & just include a button to click on your way to the download.

(Confidential to the_tick27: The rotation on the icon is perfect. If you can make it 100x100 pixels & as clear in detail as the one miang made the money is totally yours.)

(Confidential to sacredspud: Mutant Aliens?)

Last night I had an interesting conversation with someone who might be able to hook me up with a publisher if I could compile or write a book's worth of material. O_O It's extremely flattering to know that someone would do this for me but also intimidating. My self-confidence in & motivation for my own writing has been low for a long time. Sure I have plenty of ideas but little impetus to get them out & organize them on paper. I think I need help. When left to my own devices & tend to rest idle. I've always been able to produce on a regular basis when required to for writing classes. It could be I work better under some sort of pressure. Maybe I should start taking requests from friends since I'll then have to write knowing someone is expecting results. Not that this is what I would try to publish, but it's good to keep in practice. "A writer writes; always!" (Name that quote: +5 pts.)

Now that I've finally assembled my Evangelion capsule toys purchased months ago I am again reaching an obsession with the tiny vinyl toys. seanorange has been kind enough to procure a set of Capcom vs. SNK capsule toys for me that include two Darkstalkers figures but I've discovered there are several more I need. It's a good thing I'm avoiding anime conventions this spring or I'd probably be broke by the time I finally do find a job.

Say, while I'm thinking of it & before I sign off, has anyone else had problems with the Live Journal "preview" option for new journal entries? Mine pops up an extra window like it's supposed to but now it's just blank with no preview text. I've been having to post the full entry & preview on the "recent" page for editing purposes.

Anyway, sign off.

- E V I L O U T -

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Date:April 25th, 2006 08:46 am (UTC)
Woo for Jim. Or not. Hey, did you ever think of Ortega for a job? I know you'll come home smelling like taco and all but hey, I hear it's decent money...

Okay, maybe not.
[User Picture]
Date:April 25th, 2006 12:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the suggestion, I had forgotten about them. Unfortunately, I when I stopped by today I didn't even need to go in as they had a "not accepting applications" sign up in the office window.
Date:April 25th, 2006 03:40 pm (UTC)
Boo...those bastards!
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