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So early it hurts

Slept in a little bit but I still have to leave for work in half an hour. Fell asleep earlier than usual last nite, possibly due to lack of any excitement over the past week. Still, it will probably, as usual, be excruciatingly slow this morning until about 11:30 during the home stretch. It feels a little silly working on the weekend for time-and-a-half when it's slower than the average weekday. Fatigue asside it's usually worth it and by one o'clock the entire long, boring morning has begun to be forgotten. If I could only fast forward...

I can't believe I spent on groceries yesterday. I expected to buy a few more things than usual but not quite this much. Several items at a couple dollars each will add up quickly. On the plus side I found a deal on red raspberries and blackberries, something I haven't had in a long time. And while checking my updates a little while ago I enjoyed a delicious bowl of fresh fruit, something I should really keep stocked up on. Pineapple and pomegrannite are also things I need to remember to use before they spoil. Expensive day, yes, but I won't have go go back for another three weeks.

Let's see, I've talked about work and fruit. I'm sure you're all excited about that. It's five AM, what am I supposed to do, dance?

I could talk about how filthy I am because I didn't take time to shower last nite in favour of sleep. I could mention that I'm going to try to clean house this weekend because it's getting cluttered but probably won't because my folks and I are also planning to see The Return of the King. I could also mention that I'm going shopping with them tomorrow even tho I don't have any money. But right now I"m going to run outside to start my car so it's warm when I finally have to leave. Whee. Come back tomorrow, folks. I'll try to be more interesting.

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