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Officially unemployed

My first day of unemployment was mercifully pleasant. A planned event, I traveled up to Devil's Lake state park with laviorli & lord_alucard for some much need hiking & back-to-nature stuff. We even stopped by Dr. Evermore's but unfortunately the place wasn't open today. [shrugs] It was a bit of a struggle for Monica at first, but she was still able to make it all the way up & across the West Bluff trail & down to the fly-ridden Tumbled Rock trail. We couldn't dawdle too long as Tom had to be back home by seven o'clock to be ready for work so we only hiked the one trail, took a little time to enjoy the weather & a picnic table & headed out. We stopped at Noodles once we got to the city & while budgeting our remaining time Tom received a call informing him that he wouldn't be needed at work tonight. So instead of rushing him back home we went to State Street & enjoyed chilly delights from the Stone Cold Creamery. We also stopped at HPB where I found an encyclopedia of sci-fi/horror/fantasy writers & a birthday gift for toastmastertom, who will have to wait to find out what it is.

It was especially nice not having to chauffeur for a change since I'm often the one driving to outings such as these. I made certain to enjoy the scenery & thank the driver. I really do seem to end up driving to a lot of stuff. Maybe it's because my back seat is always clear, or maybe it's the good CD player. But probably just because it's easier to just volunteer than try to arrange a ride with someone else. Still, it would be nice not having to drive all the way to Mitsuwa or Acen for the umpeenth time when next I go.

You'd think climbing around on rocks throughout the midday would have tired me out enough to call it a day but koriandrkitten was free & looking for company when we got back to town so I obliged her & brought the third Back to the Future movie with me. Let it now be known that Gemma has seen the entire Back to the Future trilogy & greatly enjoyed it. So now hopefully she won't be picked on any more when subject of the films comes up.

I had a pleasant weekend visiting Grandma & family for our non-religious Easter. Nothing really remarkable happened but I had a good time, despite having the unfortunance of missing the Rocky Switch Show featuring jeklnskinsgrl's eye-popping striptease for seanorange. I really should attend more often. But anyway, at Grandma's I coloured eggs & played a lot of Ball on my Game Boy Camera. -- Current high score is around 398. -- For an hour on Sunday I tried to help dad fix an audio cassette from The Dunwich Horror & Others by unwinding & re-spooling the entire four-track tape but with no luck. I'll help nurture his budding appreciation of Lovecraft yet. We also had an interesting dinner conversation about the symbolism of Easter & trying to figure out why with all the lamb motifs this time of year (lamb shaped cakes, lamb shaped butter, lambs everywhere) we were eating ham instead of veal. Such was my weekend away, all in one blocky, run-on paragraph.

I'd elaborate more on my doin's & goin's but I should be getting off to bed soon. I have a contractor coming in the morning to finally fix that hole in the wall above the furnace door & replace the sink fixture in the guest bath. We'll also look into replacing my front door so it will be safer for guests at the Casa del Mal. Hmm... ah yes, I should make a couple job-search related calls or online research. Tomorrow night I'd like to visit the UW to see George Takei speak. It'll probably be crowded but could be worth the effort.

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