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A brief note runs long

Just a brief note on my work schedule this week: Tuesday through Thursday I am working the abbreviated hours of Noon to Six PM. Friday I am not working at all tho Dan said we'll still be paid for it & the place will be open for a couple hours in the morning & encouraged us to drop by & say goodbye. Friday afternoon/evening I'd like to have a little get-together with anyone who would like to join me to celebrate my first day of freedom & last day of financial security. I thought we could all go out to dinner someplace, my treat.

I heard today that Frito Lay is hiring & it appears I'm overqualified. I'd really like to get in there. Cross your fingers for me.

In other news, many of you may be interested to know that our friend Tom (aka. Tom 2, Cool Tom, The Other Tom, Mogwai Boy, &C.) now has his very own Live Journal. Call him toastmastertom & welcome him to the family.

pennylane_81 celebrated her birthday today but it was observed Sunday evening. Unfortunately, since the last we had spoken of the occasion the date was uncertain & I was expecting a call with more info so by the time people woke up & started to shake off their hangovers matt_william & I were already deciding on our 3rd game at Game Spot's "buy 2, get 1 free" sale. Merry Birthday, Ahnika. I swear I didn't forget.

Tonight phil_bond invited me over to see his new place which is really nice (mainly because it isn't all cluttered up yet like my place is.) We visited with koriandrkitten, laviorli, crabmoon & lord_alucard, played video games, humiliated Lindsay with stories from Saturday & attempted glomping. (I need more practise on that V_V) Tomorrow I have been invited to watch movies with Gemma & sacredspud after my early release from work. After that my plans are uncertain.

It's late. Normally I wouldn't care but I slept passed noon today. I should probably stop that.

- E V I L O U T -

. . . Wow. Did I really need to link to that many journals?

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