Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
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"The Automatic Brain Strikes Back!"

If I'm only going to post weekend updates I should at least make certain that they're posted within the week they cover.

Anyway, I returned home a little while ago from a brief dinner out. Not realizing that it wasn't Friday yet I called sacredspud from work & stopped by his place instead of going straight home. Having neither a definite plan nor a lot of time we simply went to Denny's for a bite & place to visit. I treated him since he could have easily dined at home without having to spend five dollars. But anyway, after I was through whining about my job & work in general we spent quite a bit of time talking about video games (interrupted punctuated by frequent text messages from Gemma) & made plans to play Desert Bus all the way through some weekend in the near future. This began an inspired discussion about some video game ideas of our own. One has been in the works for five years or so which is probably more entertaining for us to talk about than actually play but a few more good ideas may warrant the worth of entering it into the production stage. The other idea, inspired by Desert Bus, would be much simpler to produce & is much more likely to see a CRT than the other. I'm looking forward to working on either if we ever gather up the resources & ambition to do so. For now we can amuse each other by coming up with more ways to play to lose.

I would like to point out at this time that no where during the evening did we talk about my penis.

Work has been pretty easy this week. I just found out tonite that on three of the next four workdays we will be having free food: Tomorrow (Friday) there will be pizza via delivery. I hear it will be on 4:30 rather than 7:30 break because there are plans to close early like we had been doing earlier this month. Next Tuesday there will be the grilling out of burgers & such fare. Next Wednesday is quite a bit different: our shift starts early -- eleven AM -- we work for four hours, get paid for eight & spend the afternoon at the Coliseum Bar for dinner. The company has never been this generous before so of course it has everything to do with the last shipping day being next Wednesday. A number of people are leaving that day & there's no more work left to do in the order-shipping aspect of the job so we get free food & an abbreviated work day. I, however, am staying until at least the 14th as there will be plenty of stuff left to send to Tennessee. After that it's severance pay time followed by unemployment! I only have one application out; I really need to get cracking. Anyone know anyone looking for warehouse workers?

I believe I mentioned seeing my friend Michelle play with her band last Saturday night. I found my way to Brodhead with little trouble thanks to her directions & only missed half a set or so. It was great to finally see them play, especially since the last time I saw her perform was ten years ago at a high school band variety show where she played Flight of the Bumble Bee on a xylophone... while dressed as a bumble bee. She's just as talented as ever & plays keys, bongos & sings, tho' not always all at once. The band, having day jobs & other interests too, only does gigs on weekends & plays covers but they're quite good & can really rock when put to it. Their selection focuses on music you can dance to & many of the local yokels did just that, despite the fact that the band's impressive setup took up most of the bar's fairly inadequate dance floor. They played until about one o'clock with breaks between sets. During these breaks Michelle introduced me to the band who seem like a bunch of good, amiable guys with a healthy love of music. Unfortunately she also introduced me to her boyfriend which meant I had to spend less time visiting with her than I had planned. But I talked to him for a while too & he seems like a nice guy with respectable interests (music, anime, Miyazaki, &c.), & he can really shred a guitar as he showed when he stood in for the lead guitarist on Born to be Wild. So it looks like she's in good hands, even if they aren't mine.

I'll be seeing 2 Timer play out again sometime in the near future but not every show. People were smoking in the bar & by the time I returned home I absolutely stunk & I felt somewhat ill. That's not something I want to get used to but I can tolerate it once in a while for a good friend.

I've been playing with my Game Boy Camera a lot since getting the power cord for my Thinkpad. (That's not what I got it for, honestly! If I didn't come home so late tonight I would have begun organizing & transferring all those old text files.) I took a lot of photos at the show Saturday night & it seemed to amuse & delight the band, despite the poor quality of the pictures in an unevenly lit setting. I took a lot of photos the other night too for a new project I've begun. I could use some help with ideas but mainly another cameraman. More on this later. But since I've lost my train of thought on this subject for some sudden, strange reason I'll just mention that as soon as I earn 500 points on Ball I'll have a new LJ icon.

You know, it would be much easier to write a cohesive post if I did it more often. I wouldn't have to strain to remember events, thoughts & feelings from several days ago if they were already recorded on the day they happened. I used to do that, you know. Muh. I'll get back into it someday. At least I made it to a thousand words which was my old nightly goal. I should quit now tho' because I know I've got nothing productive planned between now & the time I finally crawl to bed but you know I'm still going to do all of it regardless of how long this post takes.

To end, here is Negadon: The Monster from Mars official website. I'm really looking forward to this movie. If you like kaiju, you should be excited already. Check out the gallery & trailers if you can afford the bandwidth.

E V I L O U T -

P.S. That reminds me!

Yesterday I was working packing FedEx boxes all day with a friend & co-worker. We chatted as we worked & at one point he made a mistake. He blamed it on using his "automatic brain" instead of paying attention to what he was doing. This was a great inspiration & for the next couple hours I sporadically regaled him with spontaneous movie previews: Professor Borsodi thought he had perfected science but little did he realize that his greatest invention could be the downfall of mankind: The Automatic Brain! Coming to a theater to you! "Revenge of the Automatic Brain", "The Automatic Brain Conquers New York", I had a bunch of 'em, pre-packaged & ready to run. His sense of humour is a bit different so I don't think he found them amusing in the same way I did but it still kept the clock moving throughout the night... Kinda makes me wanna make my own mini-movie.
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