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Fuming fury, fierce and raw

It is now ten minutes to seven on Saturday. I *should* have left town nearly an hour ago and if my dad didn't have that football game to go to I would have been there for several hours already. Now I get to wait and wait some more untill he finally does call. It's been gloomy all day but now that the sun has set and the temperature dropped there's thick fog and light rain everywhere. I don't mind driving in the rain or at night but when I have both to deal with it's very stressful. If he had showed up on time or skipped the stupid thing all together we could have avoided this mess but noooo~, football is more important than family I guess. I bet he hasn't even packed yet. He does that. If we're going someplace and set to leave at, say, six, *that's* when he starts to get ready. Excrement like this get's so frustrating at times.

No messages, no calls that he'll be late. Sure, the people he's traveling with don't have a cell phone but there are thousands of pay phones about the city. He could have let me know somehow. It's not even for a good reason, that's why I'm pissed. If it was an eye appointment or something I could understand and drive him here myself, but this inexcusable. When he finally does get back I'll have to sit in the car with him for two hours driving through this cruddy weather trying not to remain angry about it. Must remember to take soothing music along.

It's seven o'clock now. I just called and left a message, to vent and to see if (hopefully) he was home or just walked in the door. I don't want to start anything right now becasue I may have to leave at any moment. I hate having to go through that. Someone promises to contact me at a specific time and I end up waisting a day waiting for them and later finding out they had other things that were somehow more important than fufilling a promise, or they'd plum forgotten all together. The rest of the night is not going to be fun unless I can calm down. I thought I could vent this out for a while but it's not helping. I'm dressed, my bag is packed and it'll only take five minutes to fill the gas tank. All I need is the stupid call. ARRRRGH!!!

Okayyyyy relaxrelaxrelaxrelaxrelax. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Happy Happy! :-) :-D. . .

Finally it's ringing!!!
Tags: rant

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