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More updates about Game Boy Camera & Jackass

Holy moly, it's late. Er, rather... early, as the clock reveals. phil_bond just left & I'ma hit the sack shortly.

I got out of work early tonight to my surprise -- I didn't find out until 15 minutes before it was to happen -- & Caleb came over later. We transferred many Game Boy photos to the Lappy & watched wayy too much Jackass. I enjoyed it once I saw there was less scatalogical humour than I originally feared. It's like eBaum's World with higher resolution video.

Anyway, Saturday night I'm going to Brodhead to see my friend Michelle perform in her band, Two-Timer. I think it's 9:30P - 1:30A. Four sets of music & it promises to be a big bash since two of the band (including Michelle) are celebrating birthdays. matt_william might be joining me. Anyone else?

Crashing time 9_9

- E V I L O U T -

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