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"Waste of time"

A few nights ago as I arrived home from work I decided to check my mail before going into the house. I set my bag on the stairs and hiked up the hill to the mailbox in the sub-freezing breeze. I didn't have my gloves on since it was a relatively short walk and I'd need more dexterity to operate the box key. With hands pulled up inside my sleeves and breath already beginning to freeze in my beard I stared mainly at the crusty road and it's disturbingly amber/pink reflection from the street lamp. I get cold fast, and was already uncomfortable by the time I reached the box and turned the key with numb fingers. Inside I found a single flyer, junk mail that I can't unsubscribe from because it's a general mailer to the entire neighborhood. These annoy me to no end and, as usual, I nearly threw it over my shoulder and walked away. But, as usual, I didn't because they can still be recycled. So, cold, grumbly and very tired, I headed back down the street to my house. Before I had gone 20 paces I grumbled to myself, what a waste of time.

The view was much better coming down; I could see part of the lake which was finally beginning to freeze, the treeline across the road and the night sky, its stars and their inky black setting accented to perfect clarity by the freezing air. I saw Orion in his flight across the heavens to the South-East with Siris and Canis Major at his heels. It was beautiful. About ten seconds after the thought of being a waste of time I looked further upward and at just that moment a meteorite passed right through my field of vision. A bright streak of flame and gold that lasted a full second before flashing out like moonlight on a spiderweb. I stopped in my tracks and at that moment I saw only that steak of light through the stars. The mail, the cold, my fatigue was all forgotten as I stood in awe in the middle of the street in the middle of the night.

I came back to myself when I realized I was walking again but my eyes were still to the sky. I could still feel the cold, but it didn't bother me anymore. My step was lighter, the walk was shorter and I laughed to myself as I ate my own words. I love the stars.

- E V I L O U T -

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