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Sick of weekend updates

Me: (holding up a DVD for Matt at Pre Played,) Hey, Matt!
Matt: ... No, Jim.
Me: Come on, the original is usually better than the sequels.
Nearby Customer: (looking right at me & dead serious) Empire Strikes Back!
Me: Baby Geniuses!
Nearby Customer: (laughs & concedes)

This exchange was Saturday evening while matt_william & I were out & about looking for N64 controllers & other fun stuff. We had already been to EB Games on State Street (where we later saw Craig & pennylane_81 just leaving Chocolate Shoppe as we were arriving) & were about to head on to GameSpot for more oddities & endities. As darkness grew we adjourned window-shopping & repaired to the House of Evil™ for Guitar Hero & games.

I got a little late start Saturday because I was a guest of koriandrkitten & jeklnskinsgrl's party for Green Day"... Not the band, the day. It started just as I left work so I didn't miss much and when I arrived just about everyone on my friends list was there. Those that weren't arrived shortly thereafter. I got to know the VD cast, watched them drink, watched them make out, watched them throw up, watched them hide in the closet & cry, & generally have a good time. We played Twister, a little bit of REZ & lots of Guitar Hero. I have pictures of almost everyone playing as the guitar-shaped controller can make almost anyone look cool. I had a couple great conversations, including one with Holly about Star Wars & Han Solo & stories I had never heard before. I had a good time overall despite being around so many people I didn't know. It's probably due to the fact that most of the people I did know & know well. Gemma kicked the rest of us out around about fourish & I got home with enough energy to waste an hour on the computer before collapsing into the Bed of Evil™.

Sunday I had the pleasure of attending miang's birthday party. I took the liberty of inviting phil_bond & we met at VGX West on his way out from work. While waiting for him I found & finally purchased Virtual League Baseball for the Nintendo Virtual Boy, quite possibly the poorest selling VB game out there since you can still find cases of it new & unopened on eBay. I got it more to complete my collection than anything else, but I will try it out someday. I also found two more Game Boy Cameras. These things are addictive. I like to pick up used cameras & go through the previous users' photos & records. Often times it's obvious that someone got one, played with it for a day & forgot about it until the day it was sold to some game store. But once in a while I'll find a 3,000+ score on Space Fever II, a completely filled out user profile or a large number of prints. Caleb calls me a GBC voyeur but I'll forgive him. At least until he deletes those compromising pictures. I have seven Game Boy Cameras now. I think I'll stop at eight; two of each colour. Unless, of course, I find a gold.

We arrived at Sheree's just as they were about to start a new card game whose name I do not remember. The premise was to build districts of medieval cities with enough screw-your-neighbour aspects to keep you on your toes. I'm normally not good with strategy games but somehow I won with the first to eight districts & the highest score. It was fun & I might get a copy of my own if I had more opportunity to play it. As it is I hardly ever play the games I do have. I'd be happy if I could just get in some chess or Go once in a while but until something like that becomes a regular occurrence my game purchases will remain in software.

Dinner at TGIFood was fun, especially for the birthday girl since she was at a table surrounded by handsome, young men. Well, me an' tcdohl anyway. Everyone had stories to share; Caleb revealed some interesting tipping techniques & I got to relive my time at the NINJA Akasaka restaurant in Tokyo last year. I was faced with the inconvenience of zero cash but Caleb was kind enough to cover me & accept a check for my meal.

Later, back at the Casa de Sheree™ we played video games & watched anime & other entertaining tidbits. One of which being an old Merrie Melodies cartoon titled "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips," a very rare WWII era short. I don't know where he found it but by gosh I want a copy. I recall seeing a couple wartime cartoons back before they were edited for content & commercials but they were nothing like this. I know they exist & I want to see more. Researching a bit for this paragraph I found a great article at Rotten.com about banned cartoons. If you only check out one link in this post I urge you to investigate that one, even if you only have time to look at the pictures. It's something our grandparents saw & lived through. A time when tolerances were different, & the world was still frightening.

The weekend was definitely worth repeating. This week... I could take or leave it. Well, definitely leave out the being sick part, which, come to think of it, started Sunday eve on the way home from Sheree's. This week is still significant tho', in that it celebrates three years at my house. In some respects that seems like a long time but in others I feel as if I just moved out of my folks' place a month ago. One thing I've discovered is that you can fit three years worth of dryer lint into less than one cubic foot of space at the bottom of a paper grocery bag, & isn't that what living alone is all about?

Damn, I need a girlfriend. Before the police break into my house years from now & almost get crushed by my hoard of newspapers, soap boxes & more dryer lint.

- E V I L O U T -
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