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Spot the product placement

Company couldn't make it tonight & I had fully intended to write an extensive journal entry since a lot has happened over the past few days. But a sore throat & general fatigue has knocked me down considerably so all I've done so far is visit with the SWE for a bit, put a few more touches on my upcoming website & watch a buttload of Secret of Mana Theater. Now that Spritemonkey is updating again after a six-month hiatus I need to do some serious catching up on the story. I have about 50 episodes to go, plus 20 or so Special Editions. (sigh) I had almost forgotten how much I love this comic... I was also surprised & delighted to find some Fight Club references I hadn't noticed before. Jerry rocks!

I've been eating things tonite that make my throat feel better, like ramen & ice cream with the sprinkles. The sprinkles, I noted, have no confectioners glaze. :D

In the morning I plan to go over to Zalk Josephs & apply. I heard they needed some first shift help. I'm only interested in second right now but it's worth checking out to see what all is available. I hear good things about them (union) & Dad knows some people who have worked there. I hope I feel well enough to go out in the morning.

I've been good at losing video games latey. First Wario Ware: Twisted sometime after Caleb & ROB came over last Wednesday, & now I can't find Wipeout XL for the PS1. What ever am I supposed to do while drifting off to sleep now? Speaking of which...

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