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More updates about video games & food

US GOV circa late 1940's: Listen, um, we are going to be performing some, er, scientific tests out here in the desert and it isn't going to be safe for anyone who lives nearby so we have to ask you to take your families & evacuate the area.

Townsfolk: NO! Nevuh!

US GOV: No, seriously. It's dangerous to be here. We can't let you good citizens risk your health & lives by staying. You have to leave the town. Preferably the county. Think of it as doing your patriotic duty to helping your proud country grow stronger.

Townsfolk: NO! These'r our HOMES! Y' CAIN'T mek us LEAVE!

US GOV: Then I'm afraid we'll have to remove you by force so if you would please... hey, where did they go?

Townsfolk: Haid haer in th' mahns, Mildred. They's nevuh fahnd us an thain we ken go bek aout when they's left.

US GOV: . . .

60 some years later. . .

Mutants: Blaaaathghhh! Splugh gorth mgggorth yahhn wgah'nagl fthagn.

Lost Travelers: Gaaahh! . . . What? *Gets killed*

Mutants: HRRRNGH! *gasp gasp* Blucmth hrrlmnmngr!

Hero: Oh! You don't like outsiders & gruesomely kill & eat everyone that trespass on your deserted, lifeless, radioactive, crater-ridden land?

Mutants: Yes, that's right.

Hero: Not any more.
If you haven't guessed the hero within the first seven minutes then you're probably watching a different movie.

And thus ends The Hills Have Eyes, tho' not nearly as succinctly as I have described above. It was an entertaining way to spend four dollars & ninety minutes on a Sunday afternoon but I won't bother to see it again. Still, I thank matt_william for letting me tag along and for tolerating the comments I accidentally let slip during the movie.
Me: "Huh, they don't look that young." -- "Not 'minors,' miners!"

Related Links: Fascinating Wikipedia article on Nuclear Testing
100 Suns picturebook of mushroom clouds from Knopf Publisher.

Last Sunday was also the day I purchased my very own copy of Guitar Hero with the last of my birthday money. Now I can suck just a little bit less when playing with friends who find "hard mode" just a little too slow.

As I had a need for N64 controllers Matt & I shopped around at a couple used game stores but found no luck. We did however find phil_bond shopping for Nintendo relics at Pre Played. We talked games for a while & I picked up Star Fox 64 so I could finally see what the fuss was about. We agreed to meet back at my place where I then introduced Matt to the thrills of Guitar Hero. Caleb didn't show until after Matt left but he took time to introduce me to the thrills of Star Fox.

Tuesday was White Day but I gave crabmoon her chocolate just before midnite Monday eve so I wouldn't have to keep hiding it on her. It was the first time I've ever made white chocolate fudge & the first White Day gift I've ever given. It was well received & I'm glad I made it expressively to give away because leaving two pounds of fudge in this house is not a good idea.

The fudge was her second gift of the day, the first being a DVD of Howl's Moving Castle which we watched with the_tick27 & pennylane_81 in the original Japanese with subtitles. I'm surprised to find I enjoyed the English dub a bit more. Some of the voices seemed to fit the characters better & there were a couple well-placed plot points that didn't appear in the subtitles. Of course, my impressions have likely been altered by the fact that I saw it in English twice first & that Miyazaki's artistic style isn't as conventional as most of the anime I've seen, the latter making it easier to accept non-Japanese voices.

Caleb couldn't come over Monday night as he needed to sleep, having stayed up all night Sunday playing with his newly received Stack-Up (aka: Robot Block) for the NES ROB But he did bring it over Wednesday night where we geeked out over robots & video games until four in the morning. Stack-Up is a very innovative game & a lot of fun to play. Where Gyromite uses ROB to play the game, Stack-Up uses the game to play with ROB. You program his movements on-screen to move the five coloured blocks into a specific order on the five pedestals surrounding him. I played for a while but it was just as fun to watch. Inspiration struck & I ran to get my Game Boy Cameras & filled them up with sequential photos of ROB in action. Through trial & error we figured out the best settings & positions before he had to leave for work. Our ultimate goal is to film ROB on a GBC where his motions can be smoothly edited into a continual indefinitely looping sequence. We can leave the video on the camera or I can transfer it to my laptop computer to edit into a movie or gif & share it online with the world.

Yes, that night I also found & ordered a new AC adapter for my long-neglected IBM Thinkpad. Eldon found that a new one would be $60 but this one was less than $20 including shipping. Thank you eBay! Lack of power has prevented me from accessing & reformatting a number of my stories saved only in Lotus Word Pro's own format but soon I will finally be able to get at some of my Oklahoma Jim stories, as well as From Hell and Back, A Bit of Green Leather, my notes for Nemesis & others. But I have to be honest & point out that most of my excitement stems from the fact that I will finally be able to transfer my GBC pictures to a PC once again since the Mad Catz Game Boy Camera Link software is only compatible with Windows '95 & '98. The adapter shipped today so within a week I should have a new LJ icon or two. It's good timing considering LJ is now upping the paid user max to 30 soon if they haven't already. . . Hmmm, a quick check shows I'm currently using 15 out of 42. Time to upload.

Related Links: Game Boy Camera gallery & tutorial. A good look at the game from an artist's perspective.

Game Boy Camera Color Photography Project. There are a few details on this page that make me suspect that it may just be a cleverly depicted hoax but I still hope that this is possible. It's supposedly done by a professional photographer so anyone who knows anything about photography may want to double check his methods.

I didn't worry about staying up too late last night because I decided to use a vacation day at work on Thursday & do some things at home that I didn't feel like rushing through before my shift started. I didn't get to sleep in very late tho' because Caleb awoke me with a call to warn me that he was dropping off Rollergames for the NES on his way home from work. I have the game now as I type & I'm still scratching my head about it. I suspect the loan stems from a conversation we had late some night that I don't yet recall. I'll have to dig out the ol' NES this weekend to check it out. Hopefully playing it will remind me why he wants me to see it.

My house is still cluttered from before my party last week but I did manage to stuff most of the oversized balloons into my back room Sunday while Matt was here. It's a good thing I spent a day clearing things out of that room the week before or else it would be a real mess. I planned to do some cooking this afternoon so I washed dishes to clear off some counter space & then went to town to pick up some things & drop off others. henrietta1 is leaving for Connecticut this weekend for flight school so I wanted to see her one last time. I dropped off a 2-way radio to help her communicate with her parents in another vehicle on the drive down & gave her a packet of belated White Day fudge. I was glad to see this latter seemed to brighten her day somewhat from the panic & headaches of last minute packing & preparations. It was difficult saying goodbye but it won't be so bad as there are still plenty of ways to communicate. I'm glad she got a Live Journal account not too long ago & I look forward to reading her once she's settled in & can find time to write.

The stops in town included the grocery store where I picked up ingredients for Mom's scalloped potatoes & ham (oh my!) Last week at work we had a catered dinner to celebrate 450 days accident-free & say goodbye to three employees who were leaving the facility early to take up similar jobs in Maryville. Main dishes included ham, turkey & mashed potatoes & gravy. Most of the food was cleaned up but when all was done there was still a lot of ham leftover. None of the three shifts touched their portions through the weekend so I decided to do something with it since I hate seeing good food go to waste. I took home the container of ham from our shift's fridge as well as another that remained unclaimed despite the warning note I left on it claiming it for my own. To arrest complaints of me taking so much community food home for myself I promised to cook something up & share it with my shift later this week. Scalloped potatoes & ham seemed like a stellar idea so I had Mom email me the recipe & I cooked up a double batch this evening. I invited sacredspud over to be my guinea pig share, & enjoy the Bill Plympton movie Mutant Aliens. The potatoes were great & the movie was... well... I had to keep checking to make sure none of the ingredients could double as hallucinogens. The movie was very entertaining & I thank Matt for forcing it into my hand Sunday at the bookstore, but before I attempt to describe it myself I'm going to wait to see what Colin has to say about it. I don't often see him sputter like that during a movie.

Hi Jim,

Here's the recipe I use. It's not going to take 5# of ham though.

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

6 med. potatoes (about 1 lb.)
1 1/2 c. cubed cooked ham
3 tbs. margarine
3 tbs. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
a sprinkle of pepper
2 1/2c. milk
1 c. shredded cheese
1/4 c. chopped onion
1 tbs. margarine

Heat oven to 350. Wash potatoes, peel, and remove eyes. Cut potatoes into thin slices to measure about 4 c. Melt 3 tbs. margarine in saucepan over low heat. Blend in flour and seasonings. Cook over low heat, stirring until mixture is smooth and bubbly. Stir in milk. Heat to boiling stirring constantly. Boil and stir one minute or till sauce thickens. Add cheese and stir till melted. In greased 2 qt casserole arrange potatoes in 2 layers, topping each with half the onion, half the ham and 1/3 of the sauce. Top with remaining potatoes and sauce. Dot with 1 tbs. margarine. Cover; bake 30 minutes, uncover and bake another hour or until potatoes are tender. Let stand 5-10 minutes before serving. 6 servings.
I do this in the microwave on high for 30 minutes, stirring after 15 minutes.

When I made this for Dad's hunting trip and used the Dutch oven you have now, I approximately doubled the recipe. I don't think I had to cook it much longer, though. Just check that the potatoes aren't still hard.

Good Luck


There are a number of birthdays coming up that I hadn't known of before. My friend Michelle (class of '95) celebrates hers on the 19th, this Sunday, the same as sweet miang. Thankfully the parties are on separate weekends so I will be able to attend both. (Asside to Sheree: I'll be happy to attend yours as soon as I can find your post with the pertinent information.)

Speaking of parties, after declining the invite to koriandrkitten's St. Patty's Day bash for Friday night I have reconsidered & will attempt to attend as long as I can find proper directions. Also, will I need to bring Guitar Hero and/or REZ?

And holy smoke, that's about it. I started this post with a list of brief notes indicating items I wanted to include and by golly if I didn't nail all of them flat. All that's left is to get enough sleep to arise early for a delicious lunch of corned beef & cabbage with my father at the VFW. St. Patrick's day is an interesting holiday: I don't like Catholics or people sainted for converting them, but I do like Irish Culture & just adore the colour GREEN

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