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Maybe even eight!

I found and cleaned out a six-inch (at least) string of fish poop tonight when I got home. This isn't normally significant news because fish poop all the time but I'm mentioning it now because that means Hydra is finally eating! I haven't seen her eat in nearly a week & she's hardly moved during that time because she's contracted that icky fungus again. I began treatment last weekend and this morning when I woke her up & after she was done freaking out she tried to eat everything in sight which means the treatment is working & she's feeling better. It was rough for a while there. Every night when I came home I've been dreading having to do another "burial at sea," but things should be ok now.

Anyway, a couple interesting things happened earlier this week but I haven't finished the entry yet. It doesn't help that I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. When I finish the post I'll backdate & draw undue attention to it. Plus, LJ is doing maintenance tonite & I'm not even certain this will work. But until then...

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