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Evil Jim

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03:40 pm: Cleaning, cleaning, over the sea we go...
Just taking a break in cleaning long enough to update.

I got a start on the back room this afternoon but not a great amount done specifically in there. I've removed most of the empty cardboard boxes, most of which I will break down & the others use for sorting the rest of the stuff. Most of my day has been spent doing other chores, primarily laundry. One tendency I have during projects like this is to start with one thing & allow myself to get constantly diverted, eventually working on several tasks at once. It does work, but tends to leave the place scattered & myself scatterbrained. But it can be easier to finish a task as soon as I see it can be done rather than set it asside & try to remember to do it later.

Once I get stuffs sorted I may list some things here to give my readers first grabs at things that I'm going to eventually give to charity. I've already set aside two robots for sacredspud.

I do need to remember to stop into town to pick up some stew meat & bay leaves for dinner. If I can get out of here early enough I'll stop by St. Vincent's & look at small furniture like bookshelves & tables for keeping more stuff off the floor.

- E V I L O U T -

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