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So cold

Bitter, bitter cold blows in; seeping through the seams in my clothing, burning my cheeks, driving the powdered snow back into my face as I try to push it out of my way. It's still there. Somehow, even with the temperature close to zero, the sun is still able to melt the leftover dusting on my driveway.

The air is blinding. Bright sunlight assaults from above and reflects from the sheets of snow draped over everything and everywhere. Dark, mirrored sunglasses do little to reflect the glare upon my sensitive eyes and I squint habitually.

Nightime wanes slowly, day by day, but does little to still the impending doom of winter overshadowing the pallid, bleak city of growing ice. Springs seems so far away... Was there ever spring? Was there ever warmth and light that didn't freeze and burn at the same time?

I am cold, so very cold. Something about the winter inspires lifeless and bleak prose that has no beginning or end. It's easy to describe because it's so oppressive. It doesn't get me down as much as it may seem, but it is bothersome. I'll get used to it after a while.

One thing I have to look forward to this cold and dreary month is B-Fest. A 24-hour marathon of b-movies at Noris University in Chicago. I've seen bad movies and I've seen worse movies. I've seen several movies in one sitting, but never anything of this magnitude. After 4 hours at anime club I'm about ready to doze off unless what they're showing in hour 3 is riveting. They recommend bringing a sleeping bag and pillow and all that and I'll be ready, but I'm not looking forward to how my back is going to feel when it's all over. My group has already planned ahead and lined up a place to stay at Saturday nite so nobody has to drive in that condition. The sleep and sanity deprivation combined with malnutrition (sure, there's a cafeteria, but who's gonna eat healthy during something like this) will be a good start on training for Anime Central this spring, where you could spend the entire three days in the video rooms watching anime if you so desire.

Where was I going with this?.... I'm out of my snow-induced funk at any rate.

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