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Carter b. 2004? - d. Feb. 20th 2006

Carter, my beta, hadn't been doing too well these past few days; staying near the bottom in one corner & only moving for food & air. It was hard to tell if he was sick or not because he usually lazed about in one place for extended peroids. I began to worry when he couldn't stay upright & had difficulty coming to the surface so when I changed the aquarium water this weekend I moved him to his own little bowl as a quarantine. Research revealed he probably had nitrite poisoning. The only treatment involves frequent water changes & other environmental adjustments. I did what I could but it was too late. Carter died sometime this morning.

I am seriously considering tearing down my tank & selling it along with my one remaining black moor as soon as possible. I am clearly not capable of taking care of pets, & as much as I joke to Lindsay about wanting one more than another pet, I probably shouldn't have a girlfriend either. The bottom line is: don't trust me with anything living. Spam I can still probably deal with.

- E V I L O U T -

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