Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

Snow Day

Holy smoke! I wasn't kidding about my warning yesterday, was I? Dan the D.C. manager just called --while I was considering whether to get out of bed or not -- to tell me that the facility will be closed today due to the weather. No one is to come in to work today but we're all still getting paid for eight hours. This has NEVER happened before in my five years of employment there. I took my first peek out the window after he told me & uttered the first two words of this post out loud. When I went to bed last night (at about three A.M. or so) the snow had stopped & I could still see the areas around my car where I had previously shoveled. Right now it's coming down so thick in such big flakes that I can barely see a block away. Looks like seasonable weather finally conquered our abnormally warm winter.

Since I won't be going to work today we won't be able to pick up our paychecks, thus delaying my paycheck-related errands until Saturday morning, but it's ok. It's a good excuse to lounge around all day playing video games. I can get my exercise by occasionally digging out my car & the pantry is stocked well enough for several days. I'd love company but I wouldn't dare ask anyone outside in this.

A look at the Supa Doppla Radah™ shows we're currently under the severest part of the storm. I should dig out those light-bending glasses & watch the trippy colour show. Until I find them & get thoroughly distracted I hope everyone is safe & warm wherever they are & survive the storm without difficulty. Did anyone else get the day off?

To close, I offer again Snowdays, because it's always snowing somewhere. It's even dial-up friendly.

- E V I L O U T -

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