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Links galore!

matt_william just left. I opted out of a couple chores & he opted out of Anime Club & we ended up spending the afternoon together. It had been a while since last I was to Rocky's. This time I used my Public Radio membership card for a 2 for 1 deal & the counter monkey didn't bother to mark the card so I can go there again. Probably too much of a hassle for the crowd. From food to Best Buy to PrePlayed to home where we pretty much spent the rest of the time playing the PS2 Streetfighter anniversary compilation. Now it is after eleven. Another Saturday more or less well spent.

I didn't spend all of it goofing off, tho'. I had to go into town to get the groceries I postponed from yesterday & stop at the folks' place to look at their printer. I'm not generally good at explaining things to other people even if I know what I'm talking about & family tech support is a special challenge in its own. After a while I just had to go do something else. I will however, return Sunday; not for the Super Bowl but for the Rolling Stones halftime show. And fried chicken.

Before I left their place Dad finally got his way & had me sign paperwork to join his credit union. He's been bugging me about it for a while and insists it will be a great benefit to my credit rating, which I don't doubt, but I wish it didn't have to be right now. I'm dealing with a slew of bills at the moment from the hospital, car & house insurance & Alliant Energy for charges related to a bounced check last month. I have less than ten dollars cash to my name, double digits in my checking account & owe cash to both my parents. I wish I could have further spaced apart all those bills I paid last week but the impetus to get them all paid & done with was just too great. Fortunately, I have enough groceries & gasoline to last me until the next payday so all I'm really missing out on are the little luxuries. Still, I prefer to have a comfortable buffer so I don't have to budget paycheck to paycheck.

Hang on. Must put more clothes in the dryer...

I recently read somewhere that a good place to have sex is on top of the dryer. The woman sits up there and the vibrations are supposed to do well in enhancing her experience. No, wait... It's the washing machine that is used, & it's the man who sits on it. Now that makes more sense since my dryer doesn't vibrate worth a darn unless I'm drying a cinder block or something. Of course, it's still not doing much right now. Don't bother trying it on the rinse cycle.

But anyway, tonite I tried the "Wet Ripping" method as suggested by sacredspud a couple weeks ago. I have a Pink Floyd album sampler purchased used from HPB well over a year ago. The recorded surface is pretty beat up & contains a circular scratch that runs 40% around the outer edge. The music became unplayable midway through Nick's Boogie and the CD has been untouched on my rack since shortly after its purchase. Finding Pink Floyd & Friends: Interstellar Overdrive at PrePlayed with the same two tracks (for, um, four times the cost of the one I just found at Amazon.com) reminded me of the album & the wet-ripping method. I ran the disc under water, blotted off the drops & ripped away. Don'cha know if it didn't work. The disc itself even played all the way through without error a while later. So let this be a testimonial to the secret ways of wordless wonders... and to playing wet CDs.

Plans for tomorrow don't include much of interest being basic cleaning & tidying punctuated by bouts of video games, as well as the inevitable water change in the aquarium, so I'll continue by posting a buncha links I've collected & wish to share so I can finally delete them. Look them over. I've promised to share a few of these with some of you. All links open in their own window. In no particular order they are:

  • ResusciAnnie™ found unresponsive in motel room. It's from July of '00, but still noteworthy. She will always be remembered for her tireless work in training others in lifesaving procedures. Goodbye Annie, & thank you.

  • As a forklift operator (among other things,) I am experienced enough to know that the German Forklift Training Video is an elaborate hoax, but its message is very serious. The warnings given are all in the various real training videos I've seen, tho' not as graphically depicted. They get very carried away of course, & tho' intended to be humorous, I find it very disturbing. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, but I probably get more of a shiver than you. Link takes you directly to a web page with the embedded video. Probably not dial-up friendly.

  • Wikipedia entry listing films ordered by use of the word "fuck" - Why does this exist? ... Probably not work safe.

  • The Killer Japanese Seizure Robots!

  • Ready.gov has created a number of icons for use with their Terrorist Preparedness Guide. The link does not take you to there, but an entertaining commentary on the images.

  • Which celebrity do you resemble most? Upload a photo & find out. This is a free trial. I originally got this from crabmoon or the_tick27, but not everyone who has friended me has seen it.

  • Snowdays is a neat flash program that lets you easily create & save realistic snowflakes. It's very neat indeed, & if you enter your name & hometown you can find it again later, as well as search for others by name or location.

  • NES Keychains - This is pretty much just for phil_bond

  • The world's largest video game... sort of. I love vector graphics games. I love laser animation. Combine them & you get one of the greatest interactive light shows. I totally want to play Gravitar now.

  • Profanity Adventures. An extensive listing of what happens when you swear in text adventure games. Many screenshots. sacredspud, enjoy.

  • Live web cam at Loch Ness - Refreshes every 10 seconds.

  • Live (sortof) web cam at Mt. St. Helens - Refreshes every five minutes.

  • Just Letters - A browser based multiuser Flash game. It's you and a bunch of strangers spelling things out with magnetic letters on a virtual refrigerator. Neater than it sounds.

  • I've been wanting to share this Dex Lives comic for ages.

  • Oldies.com is a great resource for really old movies & TV series on DVD.

  • Wizard of Speed & Time cafepress store - It says "Authorised [sic] by the Wizard himself" but I honestly don't know if Mike gets any of the money from sales. Still, I couldn't resist having my own t-shirt, & clock, & mug, &...

  • And speaking of The Wizard, here is where to get your very own Gordon Bradt Six-Man Clock. (sigh) I just wish I could afford one.

Whew. I thinks that's it. Share & enjoy. I'ma go do something else now.

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