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REZ party at Evil Jim's

It is the Future, and there is time for

  • WHO: Evil Jim

  • WHAT: invites you to a REZ party to play & celebrate Sega's unparalleled PS2 title, REZ.

  • WHEN: Saturday, February 11th, 2006. From sundown until your eyes bleed. An all-nighter if desired. Latecomers welcome.

  • WHERE: The House of Evil™. If you need directions, email me.

  • WHY: Because you know you want it.

If you plan to come please RSVP to this post or email me.

Feel free to bring munchies if you want them, your favourite PS2 controller (you'll only need two buttons,) a memory card if you wish to save, & any toys or jewelery that light up or glow in the dark.

I'm sorry. No, you can't sneak over to play before everyone else.

WARNING: Epileptics strongly forbidden.

See you in the mainframe.

- E V I L O U T -
Tags: party, rez, weekend

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