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Experiment-- Setting

Once again it falls from the sky. The white stuff clings to everything and dissolves what it touches. We can't take much more of this. It may be the beginning of the end.

I'm surprised it's still white what with all the pollution over the past couple centuries. You'd think it would be black or perhaps brown. At least gray considering the noxious crap that's in it. It doesn't deserve to be white.

The strict environmental laws put into effect in the early '50s never really worked. Big businesses could afford to pay the fines and smaller ones had to close when they couldn't change over. It wasn't as bad as the industrial revolution when there was no regulation, but there were more people, and more time, and everything just built up. Now we're surrounded by our own toxic by-products, and I get to clean it up.

Well, "clean" isn't quite the proper term. I get to push it around and move it out of the way. I plow it to the ditch or curb or river. Same difference anyway. Is anything ever actually cleaned? More like the unwanted portion gets moved somewhere else. Landfills, the ocean floor, the sky, it all has to go somewhere. I drive my truck and make the streets safe, then bundle up and rush inside once again.

I used to love the winter. Growing up with my parents in the mountains and getting a couple months off school because we couldn't get to town during the worst of it. I'd go sledding and build forts and protect them from imaginary invaders. It was a childhood few could have imagined because even then, winter was dangerous in the big cities. All the generations of pollution and overpopulation and depletion of natural resources led to an unbalance in nature. More than that, actually. Whatever chemical combination or reaction it took, whatever product of science allowed this side effect to be created, it is irreversible. For, how do you get rid of acid snow?

Just an experiment in setting for a possible story. I didn't feel like writing about the actual stuff I had to deal with today. As I peek out the window I can't tell if it's still coming down, but my new weather radio from Santa said this morning to keep on expecting it. Ugh. Snow was invented for people who don't have to drive in it. I used to like it, back when I was shorter than the shovel, but now it's just work. Let me visit your place where I can sit in the easy chair by the window wrapped in a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa in the light of the candles and then I can look out and say how pretty it is, how magical it looks draped over the night and glowing in moonlight. If I can stay there with no wants or responsibilities, then yes, I can enjoy it. But otherwise, meh.

Finally recovered from the past couple weeks, I think; as long as I don't oversleep again tomorrow when I should be clocking in to work. It'll be my first full week in maybe a month. I don't know how busy it will be but with that back to normal It'll be easier to set a couple other things back into their ruts. Like budgeting for bills and saving for that trip this spring. It's been working but I need to exert more self-control if I want it to be more effective. For example, I am now the proud owner of the Red Dwarf series two and second volume of Witch Hunter Robin, the later, soon to be aired on Cartoon Network this February. It wasn't imperative that I buy these DVDs right NOW, but it was tempting nonetheless and since my bills were paid I had an excuse. Actually, come to think of it, I'll be introverting a bit anyway while avoiding the "acid snow" so why not? Heck, I may as well pick up a couple more titles while I'm at it to tide me over so.... See what I mean? I guess I'll just have to keep enough cash from my paychecks for gas, lunch and tolls. Stupid.... lousy.... adult stuff.

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