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Happy 2004!!!

It's the new year! Granted, the only real difference is that all the calendars I have hanging are now out of date but it's still the new year!

I spent this evening with the folks & had a tame yet good time. We had our annual cheese fondue & watched several hours of The Twilight Zone before midnite which was all I really wanted to do anyway. There were other things planned, considered or canceled but it's better for me to just relax this time. My knee has been pretty stiff all day which would have made going out to a bunch of places cumbersome and dancing near unbearable.

Earlier today I went shopping with renny1780 and actually found most of the items I intended to buy. I bought the Offbeat & Ravel CDs mentioned in recent posts but most importantly I finally have my own printer. Now I'm one step closer to casting off this facade of a writer & actually being one. I'll probably devote some quality time to tidying the Computer Desk of Evil™ here this weekend to make room for the new hardware & get it operational.

I left the folks shortly after midnite & was greeted at home by a recent answering machine message from Anjean with much Evil laughter & many wishes for a merry new year. I called her back to reply in kind & then decided get in the first update of the year before anyone else on my friends list. (Ha!)

Tomorrow I'll be going back to the city with matt_william to spend some of his Christmas money. I don't really need anything else but it will be good to do something together. After all, I haven't seen him since last year.

I hope everyone gets home safe.

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