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Evil Jim

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01:20 am: Some classical music & then back to work
WERN is playing Pictures at an Exhibition again. Yesterday it was just as I was driving to work from 1:30 on and now The Old Castle has just finished at 11:34 PM. It's quite a treat & an interesting coincidence since sacredspud & I spent some time discussing the work & its variations when we visited on Monday.

Besides talking about classical music & loaning him my entire CD collection, Colin & I spent much of the afternoon together on my last day of medical leave. Since my Public Radio Membership card finally arrived we selected Damon's to break it in & get a free entre with the purchase of one of equal or greater blah blah. The food was good & I'll probably go back again but it's not the type of establishment I dine at without company.

The card is great. It's good for 2-for-1 entree at many restaurants across Wisconsin until next December and... hang on....

Oh wow that was beautiful! The Great Gate of Kiev just finished & they did it right. When listening to Pictures in its entirety this piece is the most important & has the biggest emotional payoff. There are many tempo & volume changes & so many performances feel rushed, ruining the experience. The pacing on this one was done well & the only things I would change is giving some oomph to the bass drums at key beats leading up to the finale & adding bell strokes during certain points of the crescendo. Otherwise it's solid & I might even add it to my collection.

Pertinent Info: Ravel Orchestration, Conductor: Sir Charles Mackerras, Ensemble: New Philharmonia Orchestra (link)

Anyway, if you want to split a cheap meal out, lemme know.

Our original plan for Monday was to watch a lot of Æon Flux since we had by then both seen the movie & Colin was finally ready to see what all the hoopla was years ago. We watched the pilot & MTV shorts but didn't get any further because he was also interested in my newest acquisition of Allegro non Troppo. I know I've done right when more than once he'll look over at me and say very plainly "This is very weird, Jim." If you're reading this there is a good chance I'll try to subject you to this movie sometime soon.

Come to think of it, we discussed a great deal of music that day. After the movie we researched more online where I found (among other things) Ravel's Greatest Hit: The Ultimate Bolero. After he left to practice with Offbeat I resolved to find a store selling the album & get it that night. However, tho' Barnes & Nobles did have a copy, this conflicted with my plans with laviorli & crabmoon also that evening so I chose the social route & visited with them instead. But it will be mine. Oh yes, it WILL be mine!

On a side-note, I found this album by Offbeat at the east-side Half Price Books last week in the electronica section.

Ugh. Getting sketchier. Harder to focus.. unngh. Time to abbv.

Tuesday was my first day back at work after medical leave & I survived just fine. I just need to remember to do my exercises periodically so my leg doesn't stiffen up. It's been pretty slow which is fortunate, but it's also really boring which is unfortunate. The highlight of the week was receiving the company Christmas gift after the pre-shift meeting yesterday. It consisted of a pullover windbreaker with the company logo, $50 cash & a bag of random office supplies. Also included in my bundle was a pullover sweatshirt with a zippered collar & the company logo because the facility went an entire year without a recordable injury. I'll probably sew my Pink Floyd: The Wall patch over the logo so I can wear this in public

Jumping subjects again, last night I started on Mrs. G's origami gift, using up 20 sheets before realizing I had the wrong size paper. Now I must decide if I should start over using the larger size (& thus wasting 20 sheets of pretty, decorative & expensive paper because you don't see the first part of the model they form) or keep what I've already done & trim a couple inches off the larger paper (& thus tripling the amount of work I must do & putting myself at risk of creating imperfections in size that could drastically affect the final model.) Just to be safe I should remember to ask Lindsay to pick me up a large pack of sturdy, plain, six-inch square paper. I don't like using pretty stuff on parts you can't see.

I started work on my webpage last week. I purchased a domain name, webspace, created a placeholder page to at least have something up. I also found some used books to help with web design. Unfortunately, I can't figure out the FTP program that lets me upload my files. I feel so stupid but I just can't find or discern the right information I need to plug into the program so it will access the proper server. tlhinganhom, wanna make some easy cash? Walk me through this when you get back online.

Arrgh! Those damn popups. This bloody "winfixer" crap is on my permanent shit list. I'm getting browser popups advertising a number of webpages & I have to physically move each one to get at the "close" button. These fuggin' windows appear even when I'm not using the Internet, like when I'm browsing my own files. It's also interfering when I try to load files into my music player. It's messing with my toolbar settings. It's screwed up my popup blockers. (Fuck! Just now my word processing program glitched & died & it's never done that before.) I've never had these problems before the winfixer crap started. Aggressive advertising like this makes me resent & BOYCOTT businesses. I don't know someone would think this works in any sort of positive manner. This is starting to piss me off & if I can't fix it myself I'll have to break down I take old Elvira to SCS for some serious cleaning. GAAA!

On a better note, this is the best Christmas comic I've seen so far this year.

- E V I L O U T -

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Date:December 29th, 2005 06:03 am (UTC)
Um, Jim? How much caffiene did you have before writing this post?

Woo for random musical moments. I should have more of those but I just don't listen to the radio like I used to...or even CD's for that matter. Oh well.
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Date:December 29th, 2005 07:29 am (UTC)
I had a good time on Monday, and though I'd like to see more of Aeon Flux, I think I was more entertained by Allegro Non Troppo. Think I'll pick up a copy of my own.

On the subject of Pictures, you mentioned that you felt my version of The Great Gate of Kiev sounded rushed to you... I got self-conscious so I double-checked the piano recording I have. The tempo and pacing I use do match Mussorgsky's original version, but after listening to the Funtek version I think I like his pacing even better. Interesting point of note: in the piano recording I have, the length of The Great Gate is 4:02. Mine is 4:07, and Funtek's clocks in at 7:07! Definitely the longest of the versions I've heard. Both this version and the Ravel arrangement have stretched the piece out quite a bit. I really like the Funtek version, and it's a shame that this seems to be the only recording of it.

I did some looking around for the original piano version of The Planets, and have found a couple on Amazon. Both had pretty lukewarm reviews, owing, I think, to the fact that everybody prefers the orchestral arrangement. A trip to Borders over my lunchbreak revealed nothing but orchestral versions, so I'm bidding on one from eBay, and I'm going to try Barnes & Noble soon (possibly today?).

Moving right along, what FTP program are you using? Not to destroy Hal's potential paycheck, but you might try opening Internet Explorer and going to ftp://your website</a>, as in ftp://www.sacredpotato.com. Then go up to the File menu, select Login As, and enter your information. You should just be able to move and copy files just as you would folders on your own computer.
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Date:December 29th, 2005 07:31 am (UTC)
D'oh. That </a> was supposed to be a </i> to close the italics.
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Date:December 29th, 2005 10:54 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for making you self-conscious. I didn't want to make you change your rendition, I've just heard so many versions of Pictures that I'm rather picky when I hear it these days, even if they're different from what Mussorgsky intended. The one you're borrowing, by the way, is among my favourites.

I'm glad you found a piano version of Planets. Please let me know what you think when it arrives.

I tried the ftp://URL trick you mentioned and was able to upload the .html file I wanted to use as a placeholder, but you won't find it if you just type in the URL. It's some sort of index. I still need to lear where to put stuff & what to name it.

By the way, my new user icon is Hartman's "Catacombs." You can find more images that inspired Pictures here. Sadly, not many of the originals have survived.
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