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Right now I am looking fondly at my complete set of "Excel Saga" DVD's, the last two volumes of which I purchased just this afternoon. (Well... I'm not looking while I'm typing, but I'm there in spirit.)We're down to the last four episodes at Anime Club and I'm looking forward to them revy chum os. Right now I'd really like to check out the episodes up until where we left off but I figure if I don't make an entry now it'll be a lost cause.

This weekend I'll pe partially out of town visiting my grandmother for an early Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I won't be leaving town until evening because my father picked a stellar weekend to go to a football game with one of his buddies. Mom will be leaving midday and I gotta wait for him to get back into town later so we can travel in a separate vehicle and meet her there. So now the stuff I wanted to do this weekend is shot. No Anime Club because that starts about the time Dad and I will (hopefully) be leaving together, but more importantly, my time with Grandma is now several hours shorter. Not to mention that I found out just tonite that the game is starting *later* than they original planned. Great. Just great.

I used some of my remaining vacation time to leave work early tonite and bought a bookcase on the way home. -- I really need more. Actually, a library is what I need. -- I called and left a message for a friend to see if he'd like to visit tomorrow before I had to leave and help me assemble said bookcase since It's something we almost did a couple months ago. He called back and regretfully declined citing a full weekend and we chatted for a bit while I sat stark naked in a cold room since I was on my way to the shower when the phone rang. I'll probably harass him next weekend and show off the fantastic bookcase that I put together myself without his lousy help.

Oh, there are plenty of other things to do, but whether or not I do them is yet unknown since they're all items that can easily be put off for a while. Washing dishes, laundry, figuring out the overdrawn balance on my checkbook (that was a shock! I keep careful track of this stuff. More as it comes in,) writing letters to people I should have written a month ago. . . But I'll probably end up sleeping in and watching anime. I did that last weekend, it was great! Slept 'til one, played Tron2.0 all afternoon until time for Anime Club. Sunday it was more Tron and then invite myself over to the folks' for dinner. Ahh, Sloth, thou art a wonderful sin.

I'm hoping Tron2.0 isn't the program that's currently causing some irritation on my computer. I've noticed within the past month or so that my firewall has been malfunctioning. Something would go wonky while I was online, I'd do a ctrl+alt+del to find that it was [not responding.] Greaaat. Tonite I went through and deleted some of the games I had recently installed, most of which had features requiring internet access and some of which suggesting I turn off the firewall during installation. Hmmm. Gone! All except Tron. I'd cross my fingers but it's really difficult to type then, so just wish me luck.

Tron rocks. Usually my current favorite games are several years old, but I've long been a big fan of the movie (more for the special effects than plot) and anxiously awaited release of the game for quite some time. It was definitely worth the wait. The look and feel is just like the original and is pretty enough to keep me interested for hours on end. More than once It's been two am and I think to myself, "just one hour, then hit the sack." Next thing I know it's five and my eyes are staying open only because they've dried that way. Very addictive. The only thing it needs is a playable version of "Space Paranoids," the game Flynn was playing toward the beginning of the movie. Alas, the only version I've ever found looked good but needed a lot of work to play smoothly. Everyone always loves the lightcycles. Blah blah blah, the cycles were awesome! blah blah. Where are the "Space Paranoids" fans??!!! Sure, there are plenty of first-person tank games out there but this is the original, even before "Battlezone." Grrrr. But 2.0 still rocks. Seriously, it rocks.

Mmmm. "Excel Saga"... the complete series... Still beckoning. And more of the "Irresponsible Captain Tylor" to watch too. Since I'll be missing two episodes of each tomorrow I'll have my own showing here in order to be caught up for the Club's last meet in a week. This is getting more distracting by the minute and now I probably won't have time to watch anything because one of my friends who I see every nite will be logging online pretty soon. That's always much more fun, but I still wanted to squeeze in another episode before now. Lousy personal hygiene. I could have put that shower off as well. Maybe next time. I'm the only one who has to put up with the smell. Just be glad that I'm stopping now.
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