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Friends rarely seen finally seen!

Just a few minutes ago I said goodbye to four special guests, all of whom I very rarely have opportunity to see in person.

Anjean wrote a few weeks ago asking if she & her boyfriend Joe could come all the way from their humble city of Chicago to visit for a day. The day being smack in the middle of my medical leave it worked out perfectly & they arrived shortly after four this afternoon. I wanted to show them our wonderful State Street & the Christmas Holiday Tree in the state capitol building. The capitol was closed before they got to my place but there was still plenty of time to browse State Street at our leisure & dine at the world famous Noodles & Co. (Pel Meni being closed for remodeling. This after all my raving about the place!) Anjean delighted at all the little eclectic knick-knack shops & they both enthusiastically selected cheeses to take home from that one cheese place. You know the one, by State Street Arcade? We went in there too, but nothing much of interest happened inside. Well, nothing I'm going to write in my journal.

Anyway, we had a good, long look around with many stops in various shops to browse, warm up & sample local confectionery delights. I think the evening made a good impression on them. Anjean must have suggested nearly a dozed times coming back some time when it's warmer & exploring more. We'll have to coordinate so we all have enough money when Acen comes around.

We made it back to the House of Evil™ just before eight thirty & I called miang & tcdohl to let them know I was home. I'm always a little nervous when friends meet other friends for the first time but everything went splendidly. Patrick delivered the voluminous quantities of manga I had purchased from him some weeks back & I gave them their copy of the REdeath soundtrack.

I learned tonite that Patrick's hair is always like that (!!), making him a natural for when he cosplayed as Captain Tylor a while back. Some people just have a natural look about them that makes them perfect for certain cosplay; where they actually look like the character rather than someone wearing their clothes. Sheree can do this too. When her hair is blond she can be a dead ringer for Integral Wingates Hellsing. Well, she would if she didn't have such a pretty smile... I still haven't found a character I can double for. *sigh* I guess I'll have to watch more anime.

Playing video games was interesting. No one seemed to be bored but Anjean & Joe were pretty quiet throughout until they found my stash of old Onions. Sheree & Patrick took turns playing Shadow of the Colossus & telling each other how to play the game. They seemed both amused & fascinated, making it difficult to judge whether I had sold another copy or not.

It got late fast but I managed to squeeze in a quick preview of Robotic Alchemic Drive & the trailer for The Wizard of Speed & Time. All were delighted & I promised to share the whole film with everyone at the next, best opportunity. It also looks like I will be hosting a Sorcerer Hunters marathon for all of us at my place, sometime hopefully soon. Anjean doesn't work weekends anymore & it sounded like Sheree & Patrick might be able to set aside a day for it in the possibly near future. & here, I was about to loan my box set to them as they left tonite. More to come! Watch evil_jim's journal for more anime-a-thon updates & events.

I was sad to see everyone go so early (midnite!) but with many promises to stay in touch hopefully I will be hosting company again soon. I enjoy having friends over. It's when this place feels most like a home.

Speaking of staying in touch, here's cockeyed.com for Sheree & where I found the mousetrap sticker. Enjoy.

Sheree, by the way, is also the person to thank for the recent trend of putting Santa hats on Live Journal icons.

In other news, Hydra seems to be getting better. The day after my surgery I noticed her spending an unusual amount of time staying still on the bottom of the tank. Seeing no other visible signs of ailment & having no way to set up the quarantine tank if I did I just watched & waited for something to change. After all, I spend several hours sleeping & eight more at work every day. For all I knew she was only active when I was near enough to the tank to feed her. Well, no. She stayed at the bottom for several days & barely moved from one corner for the last few, not even moving to eat a couple times. I started treating the entire aquarium with anti-fungal medicine (still not being able to properly manage the 10 gal) & now this morning she was up & all over the place as soon as I neared the tank with the flake food. It was such a relief. She's been 10 times more active today then any other this past week. She's still covered with icky white stuff, but hopefully this sudden change in activity means she's feeling better & on the road (river?) to recovery.

I'm feeling better too. Each day my leg is a little stronger & by degrees I'm more mobile. I can walk easier without a cane & the only times I really have trouble are when I use stairs or get in or out of cars. However, this has the unfortunate side effect of causing me to forget that there's anything wrong with my knee at all. I've already come close to injuring myself a couple times by not taking care to watch my step or gauge my strength before attempting to move a certain way. But if my recovery continues at the same rate I should be ready for work by my first day back. I'm looking forward to my follow-up with Dr. Wolff for reassurance that I actually am as well as I feel. When it comes to walking & moving these past few days I've been doing what feels natural & comfortable. I'm surprised at the increase in flexibility but from all I've been told it's expected. Just please don't let me try to hop over stuff just yet. It's bound to be my own end.

Speaking of, I still have to get some sleep in before the Great Evathon tomorrow. Everything is all set, the only thing left is company. I hope it works out.

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