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Post op

It's been an. . . interesting day, to say the least. I had actually been looking forward to this surgery, believe it or not, but probably not in the way you might think. Since the day I finally had it scheduled I've been anticipating the two weeks off from work during the second busiest time of the year, especially since I'll probably be up & about in only one. I'm also looking forward to riding a bike for more than thirty minutes & peace of mind while walking long distances. The surgery itself I faced with mild dread & nervousness.

I'll spare the patient reader the somewhat mundane details of my day, except to say that I got plenty of reading done in my current volume of The Complete Jorkens by Lord Dunsany. I'm happy to say that everything went smoothy.

I've been home for about four hours now & not nearly as immobile as I expected. The only discomfort I have is from the thick Ace bandage wrapped tightly about my knee & occasional squishes of fluid I feel moving about underneath the skin when I bend it which, naturally, I try to avoid at all costs. I can move easily through my home on the crutches provided to me tho' I avoid running about like the proverbial headless chicken as is usually my practice. Dad will be staying the night here playing the part of indentured servant to make routine tasks a bit easier. I've even had the pleasure of reading to him The Tale of the Abu Jaheeb, A drink from a Running Stream & Earth's Secret, all by Lord Dunsany. I may have finally discovered another fan.

Having limited mobility doesn't help that Marketlink's machine keeps calling and then hanging up. Someone please crash their servers... Say, there's an idea. Users of Fark & Slashdot could band together & intentionally flood & crash servers of deserving businesses. That's all I want for Christsmess.

So anyway, I'm home, I'm free, I'm resting & recovering. If anyone wants to call, please allow extra time for me to answer. Until then...

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