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A brief note because I just found a lovely e-card (ID # 683-4123782-1203) in my mailbox from my Mom, of all people. I was a little surprised since just two weeks ago she told me about a (scantily-clad anime girls) calendar she saw at Half Price Books that I'd like, but wouldn't get for me herself since it didn't seem "appropriate." Even more interesting is that she's found and has been playing some of the more adult games on the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator that I installed on her computer ages ago. (I should point out right now that I never stored smut on my parent's computer. The handful of risqué games came in a bundle that a friend gave me and are outnumbered by hundreds to one.) Games like "Hot Pinball", "Pool Gals" and some other poker game, all of which include images of scantily clad or not-at-all clad women. I forgot to delete them before I moved and figured I'd get in trouble if they were ever found. I guess she's more cooler than I thought.

Anyway, the link will be available for a couple weeks and then become a dead link. I probably won't do anything with it after that so don't bother writing in. During the meanwhilst, enjoy.

- E V I L O U T -

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