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Lazy Sunday Saturday

I've just returned home from a pleasant mid afternoon shopping with my father. There were a few things on the east side of the city I wanted to pick up in preparation for All Hallows Eve but desired company for social enhancement. Dad seemed to be the only one available today.

We struck off to Noodles first as "Evil needs food badly" when he sleeps in & doesn't eat for 24 hours. I was going to buy but Dad beat me too it. We both ordered the new braised beef gnocchi (however it's spelled) & dinned in while discussing the planned stops.

I already had enough candy for the kids on Monday but I wanted to supplement it with Jones candy corn flavoured soda since the cans are on the small-ish side. Not surprisingly, of the soda they were completely out but the candy corn flavoured candy was still in good supply. As we browsed the grand display of Jones flavours that were still in stock (damn you the_tick27!!) I grabbed a case of sugar free green apple -- it goes down much better than the regular stuff -- & a case of the sugar free cream soda which is good enough to deserve a paragraph of its own. This was going to be the extent of my Target purchase until a discussion of Jones with the check-out girl led my attention to a display of the very flavours I had been searching for ever since my discovery of their existence. Pumpkin Pie! Cranberry! Brussels Sprout! Wild Herb Stuffing & the granddaddy of them all, Turkey & Gravy Soda! All packaged together in a handy gift display box. I hurled myself upon the stand & grabbed a box before the girl could finish ringing up my order. At long last it is mine, MINE! I have turkey & gravy soda!! BWA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!

So anyway, after my fit of maniacal laughter we walked over to the used video game store where I found the motocross game Matt & I played to the tune of the Wizard of Speed & Time soundtrack last weekend & Sword of Mana. Unless someone abducts me you can probably guess where I'll be for the next few hours.

Before returning to town we stopped off to the west side to get Dad a new harmonica. Going in there always makes me want to start playing piano again. I'd love to get a small upright to practice on. I think I'll get a piano when I finally get rid of my aquarium.

Back in town I finally found that a replacement AC power cord for my old IBM Thinkpad will run about sixty-five dollars through SCS, maybe less if I shop around. I may as well get it over with since a lot of my old stories are on there & I need to get at them if I want them on my website (still pending.) It's expensive, but it will be good to get that running again.

That's pretty much my day so far. Now, on to the videro games.

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