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A good find... & a POLL!

All alone today. Most everyone else seems to be out of town or off on their own this weekend. Hmm, I see this is my first significant post since last weekend...

Being the fourth Sunday of this month I decided to visit Pegasus Games for the monthly mah jongg meet. It took some debating before I actually left because I wanted to invite Dad but there was no answer at my folks' house. But since there was shopping I wanted to do on that side of town & I haven't been out of the house all weekend I elected to go alone & enjoy some of the new War of the Worlds release along the way.

At Pegasus I parked behind a silver van whose rear end was covered with stickers. I enjoyed all of them, &, being such a rare instance, I wrote them all down.

Thank goodness for their handy rear-bumper mobile library service. -- I suspect it belonged to someone inside Pegasus Games. The combination of messages really didn't suggest the owner could be shopping anyplace else. I didn't bother to look for them, but it was comforting to know someone of a similar mindset was nearby.

I stayed until after one-thirty & remained the only person there for mah jongg. I had plenty of time to dine on my lunch of Noodles (for the third day in a row), read the Onion cover stories & browse the shelves. It's become a bit of a disappointment lately since there are so many neat games out there and not enough opportunities to play them. I might have to fall in with another crowd but I've been saving money so far.

However, this did not stop me from purchasing a few packs for Pirates of the Spanish Main & Rocketmen. They're both an amalgam of CCGs & miniatures, combining the game play of the latter with the marketability of the former to create a new addictive hybrid. Perhaps it's better that I don't have anyone to play these with as I would have to buy more to get an actual game going & still more because they're just so darn cool.

Each game is sold much like Magic: The Gathering with several thick plastic cards in each packet. The cards are printed with characters, items, locations & best of all, pieces of ships -- space or seafaring, depending on the game -- that you punch out & assemble for your game pieces, which are then moved around the table in miniatures game style. I've not played yet but the neat little ships were just too hard to resist. I suppose this is how most people are sucked into the games.

Having no one else arrive for mah jong in the hour or so I was there I headed off to my other stops o' the day. I didn't find anything at Video Game Exchange which is for the better anyway since I already have several new titles I've yet to play. I didn't find the motocross game Matt brought over last night but it may have helped to remember the name.

My Sam's Club membership was still valid so I picked up my annual load of candy to distribute amongst the local Trick or Treaters. I bought a case of Crunch bars and another of Wonka's double chocolate candy "donutz." The kids should be happy; no "fun size" candy bars in this house. [Strong Bad voice:] What's so fun about eating less candy?" </strong> Oh, I also bought four pounds of hot dogs but those aren't for the kids... Actually, that would be kind of cool: having the grill going that night, ready to serve anyone who showed up. It'd be a good way to get more visitors.

The used bookstore was where I really hit the jackpot. I had a %15 off coupon and hit the west-side location, one I don't see very often these days. Something had been telling me to browse their selection of antique books & I made my way there early in my visit. I found several small volumes of a turn-of-the-century (that's 20th century) set devoted to the work of Mr. Poe that I may have greedily nabbed during my initial obsession with his work, but having insufficient funds to spare & finding the set incomplete I merely browsed with appreciative interest & moved on. There was an early printing of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley that I may have purchased had I not already read it earlier this year, & a few other books I briefly considered but passed over for one reason or another.

It was the top shelf, not far from Poe's volumes in fact, that I saw it; a small brown spine, unobtrusive like most of the antique books and dwarfed by the absolutely enormous encyclopedia nearby. Simply:

. .

Behold! A treasure! I had to look twice, then once again when I actually held it in my hands. It was the real thing, a 1918 printing of The Book of Wonder by Lord Dunsany. I could scarcely believe it true despite the evidence before my own eyes. Even more difficulter to fathom was the written price of a single dollar, still a steal at twice the price. Needless to say the rest of my browsing was impeded by giddiness, & with exception of a very old copy of Grimms Fairy Tails I found nothing needed to complete my purchase.

Thus has been my Sunday so far, yet I haven't taken time to note the weather. It really has been a perfect day for October; cold & oppressive with low-hanging cloud cover threatening intermittent rain all day with actual hail late in the morning. Brisk winds are shivering the trees, robbing them of their beautiful foliage & making them dance to the threats of impending Winter. I actually enjoy days like this as long as I have no obligations & a warm place to return to when my excursions are done.

Anyway, I can't decide whether humans should be conquered by aliens or robots, but if everyone votes we can all find out. Share and enjoy!

Poll #596765 The future of mankind can be decided by YOU

Should humans be conquered by aliens or robots?


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