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Evil Jim

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02:21 am: So little time, too much to put off
It's late & I should be in bed but I should pro'ly report before the weekend is all up on's.

I'll be visiting my beloved Grandmother this weekend so I won't be around until Sunday evening. Actually, I'm visiting my uncle for his birthday but since Grandma will be there and she's more important I say I'm visiting Grandma no matter what the family occasion is.

I made some progress on my Japan journal last night. This looks like it's going to take longer than even I had at first been imagining. Day one alone is over six pages, typed & double-spaced. I'll get this all done somehow but may be a while.

I still can't find my PS2 copy of Spy Hunter but I did recover my TPCD t-shirt which I haven't seen since I brought it home from Acen this spring. ^_^ \| It was at the bottom of the laundry basket where I store blankets & quilts. Must've fallen in when I changed to summer linens. I wish I had it in Japan. Naturally, I wore it for the past two days. No one noticed.

If I loaned Spy Hunter to anyone and forgot about it would you please lemme know? I've been itching to play it recently so to properly compare it to the sequil... & also to admire my entire horde of cheap new video games. Mrrrr.

Still working on Lovecraft's Selected Letters. I've almost completed vol. 1 & will bring 2 along this weekend for the car ride to Grandma's. They're very entertaining and might have some appeal to those who found his fiction too dry. I am currently reading through the period during & just after his wedding to fellow amateur journal contributor Miss. Sonia Greene. It is also while he was working on a collaboration with the one & only Harry Houdini in a terrible little fright for the rag, Weird Tales. It appears that he somehow lost the final manuscript just as he was about to send it in and spend most of the morning prior to his wedding retyping the thing! Yee gad I hope Hollywood doesn't have a mind to try to recreate these few hectic days on screen. They're better left in the pages of the man who wrote them.

Abrupt ending!!

- E V I L O U T -

Current Mood: chipperchipper


Date:October 9th, 2005 07:25 pm (UTC)
Yea for finding the shirt! Finding hidden treasure is always fun...
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