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Humans are bad

Ever have one of those conversations that go south & end, & you'e not entirely sure why? That just happened.

I do have a general idea of what happened, but the other person didn't stick around to completely resolve things. Maybe it wasn't possible but I still wanted to try. Unfortunately it wasn't a good day for them to begin with. We apparently have varrying viewpoints on humanity as a whole & its abuse of this world. They said I should take responsibility instead of blaming everything on "overpopulation." But I am not responsible and will not take responsibility for war, disease, poverty, &c. The conversation didn't get that far.

Of course, the upset may have been caused by me using the term "crapping out kids" rather than "making babies." In which case, I will take responsibility... tho' not proudly.

- E V I L O U T -

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