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Evil Jim

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05:40 am: Music soothes the savage dream
I don't understand why it's so difficult for me to fall asleep without music. Unless I'm completely exhausted I need music playing in the background or else I'll wake up again, often with an unpleasant dream. This morning is a perfect example. I went to bed shortly after finishing my previous entry & played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on my PSOne with mini-screen in bed for about ten minutes until my character died & I turned it off. I seemed to drift off easily enough but within an hour I was dreaming: I was going through my nightly routine of turning off lights & closing doors before retiring. I noticed that the front door was still open even tho' I distinctly remembered closing & locking it for real before going to bed the first time. So I closed the door & saw that it wouldn't latch. Being lazy, I merely leaned up against it rather than pushing it closed like a normal person. I feel slight resistance & suddenly sense something or someone outside. I dig into the carpet with my feet & jam my shoulder up against the door with all might to get it closed enough for me to shoot the deadbolt but some terrific force shoves both the door & me into the living room as it opens all the way. Knowing that I must still be dreaming I struggle to wake. I do, & I lie in bed panicked for a moment & get a brief glimpse of my darkened bedroom before I feel myself drifting back to sleep. Startled, I bite my lip to make sure I stay awake. . . & wake up for real.

Most of these dreams are like this. I'm not asleep long enough to get a real nightmare & my sense of panic or fear within the dream is enough to wake me right away, leaving me startled & insecure. This doesn't happen every time, but often enough for me to turn some music on if I know I'm not likely to pass out the minute I get horizontal. The only other cure for this is sleeping in a lover's arms. But as this happens about once every five years I keep my iPod & portable speakers atop my dresser.

E V I L O U T -

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Date:October 5th, 2005 08:59 pm (UTC)

More unrelated stuff:

Jason Thomson is on the ball! The comics I ordered arrived today, along with a hand-written reply to my query as to when the Dream-Quest graphic novel was coming out. I knew it wouldn't be out anytime soon, but I figured that another voice piping up couldn't hurt.

Anyway, the comics range in quality from definitely hand-Xeroxed to Dream-Quest-quality publications. He apologized for their condition (some of them are old ones he's had kicking around his home for some time, apparently), and they received a little wear in transit, but they're here and they're yours (along with all that stuff you claimed when I was moving which I still haven't given to you).
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Date:October 6th, 2005 02:23 am (UTC)

Re: More unrelated stuff:

That's great. I've been meaning to look into his other stuff for quite some time but haven't actually made effort to do so.

You may be interested to learn that last night I ordered us each a copy of the super-deluxe big-deal-whoopie version of Jeff Wayne's Musical version of The War of the Worlds. Should be here within a week or so. I wish I could say the same for the WoSaT soundtrack but at least we know Mr. Massari is working on it.

While shopping around for the best price on the album I came across this at Amazon.com. Don't see it? Just keep looking.

I've been listening to your monthly MP3s for the past couple days. They make a good mix and I would have burned them all to a CDR already if I had any. Keep up the good work.

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