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One down, two to go

It has come to my attention that a few people believe I am suffering through a debilitating depression due to the recent death of my black moor goldfish, Dagon. This is simply not true. Tho' a bit disappointed, I'm fine. A fish is not a pet that is easy to interact with or become attached to. To be honest, they probably feel the same way toward me. I doubt they even know or care what it is that makes food & fresh water appear. It just does. So the loss of a fish is not that big of a deal. I knew it would happen eventually sooner or later, it just happened sooner.

I'm not going to get any replacements when the last of my fish are gone, either by death or re-adoption. I lost enthusiasm in having & keeping an aquarium last winter. Altho' I was excited about it at first, I was into it because it was something Thea & I could do together. It was going to be our project. She would teach me how to maintain it, I would do the work & we'd both have fish in there that we liked. A labour of love. Well, she left me in mid February before they were even all in the same tank & I've been taking care of them since. I still like it; they're soothing & entertaining to watch now & then but right now I'd really rather just be done with it & not have the extra work involved in maintaining a 55 gallon fish tank. Not to mention the bulky & cumbersome constant reminder of the biggest error I've ever made. I don't even care about the money I've invested in upkeep or the cost of all the supplies ($50 tank, $100 stand, &c.) When the last two are gone I can finally tear down the damnable thing & continue moving on with my life. I don't hate my fish or even dislike them; they're just not me.

I'll still keep The Trout >-=^ >

In other news, crabmoon & renny1780 stopped by to visit tonite. It was a bit different without the_tick27 along but I'll probably see less of him now that he has school to attend to as well as working full time. But we still had a good time with just us girls. We talked about diets, boobs, the stupidity of religion, art & other interesting things. For background music I played my Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii & Fantasia DVDs, tho' we became more absorbed into the latter film than our conversation before they decided it was time to go. I hoped they could stay until the end of the movie but, alas, day jobs. I didn't watch the rest of it, but instead started this entry since I knew that if I didn't start it then it wouldn't get started at all.

(sigh) I had an enjoyable but very non-productive weekend. After taking care of Dagon's remains Friday night I really didn't want to sit around the house thinking about it for the rest of the evening &, despite my now near constant fatigue, I had already a strong urge to GO & DO something with SOMEONE. All my toys are at home but sometimes they're just not enough. So I called sacredspud who was kind enough to accept my invitation, despite being after midnite already.

This was the first time I've seen him since before my trip to Japan & the first time ever at his new digs, which appear to be a step up from the digs downtown. He seemed to enjoy the little humanoid robot I bought for him in Japan & he immediately displayed it in his room. But in lieu of keeping his roommates awake with our mournful & diabolik ululations we opted to "go out" & "find something" to "do." I drove & subjected him to a CD from the bargain rack at the used book store titled ...From the Udder by Big Butter. Yeah, I'd never heard of them either. There is such a variety of interesting music on that one disc & even sounds like TMBG on the vocal tracks that Colin kept asking if we were still listening to the same album. I agreed to loan it to him later & at 70 minutes it was long enough to carry us all the way to -- ... to... uh, that Mexican restaurant on Park street I can never remember the name of. Oh! La Hacienda -- & back. Anyway, they're open until three in the AM on Fridays so we had plenty of time order, munch & chat. It was good to visit with him & I hope I don't have to wait another month to do so, even if I have to keep him up late another Friday night.

Subjects such as creativity, being sick, his music, my new poem, parking, sleeping hours & others were discussed but not transcribed so you can only imagine what went on after hours at that little table in unofficial Mexico. I do however, recall giving him permission to smack my hands if I ever make "quotes" in air again while talking...

We somehow found our way back to his place & instead of calling it a night went in so he could copy the above mentioned album of big buttery goodness & a number of my Castlevania CDs. Ripping took longer than we expected so I introduced him to The Castlevania Dungeon where on the media page many soundtracks abound & are available to download as long as you have a free account with FilePlanet (obtainable from BugMeNot.com.) The process is very cumbersome but gets the job done.

Ummm.... what else? I'm getting hazy & starting to ramble & I'm only on Friday. Well, I made it home safely apparently enough & eventually collapsed into sleep sometime in the late hours of the AM.

I awoke around noon o'clock Saturday & after taking remedy for my usual oversleeping-hangover I called matt_william to make plans. He had to work until four so I played video games until then. Seriously. Remember the part about being largely non-productive? We went to State Street where I could pick up my fedora from its recent re-blocking & shop for used video games. I like shopping for games with Matt because no matter what title I look at he's already familiar with it & able to tell me a little about what it's like, whether it's good or not & if there are sequels or better versions. I left EB Games with Sky Odyssey & Wipeout Fusion, both of which later found to be winners at six bucks apiece.

It was later when I finished shopping so I talked him in to dinner at Pel Meni, the Russian dumpling place. A lack of staff left them under supplied & operated by volunteers but we were still able to order a heaping bowl of traditional style meat dumplings (the potatoes being all gone.) We had two of the last three orders in the house & they had to start turning customers away until later when they would hopefully have their manager with the supplies needed to keep operating for the rest of the night. We enjoyed our meal & after we decided to return to town were a block away when we realized WE HADN'T PAID! We rushed back & were met at the door by one of the helpers who had just then stepped out to look for us. She announced to the kitchen "They came back on their own!" & we paid, embarrassed, but glad no more trouble had come of it. That's about the only thing I don't like about Pel Meni, they rarely ask for payment upon ordering & I usually feel like I'm bothering the chef by forcing money upon him when he appears to be more interested in keeping food form burning. I think from now on I'll have my money ready before I even order so he can take it then & there.

Back at my place we beat the snot out of each other on War of the Monsters for a while until crabmooncalled. She & Tick came over with Renee & need not have been surprised to find Matt still there with me, nor to find that he did not leave immediately upon her arrival. Anyway, we played video games, talked about games & movies, looked up a few things on the net and even managed to get NBC on my TV. While I was running around searching for a coat hanger or piece of wire to improve reception Tick managed to do the trick with a paper clip. SNL was viewed. Occasional laughter was heard.

Ugh, I'm getting tired. I'm afraid the rest will have to be quickly glossed over.

Much fun was had Saturday evening. By the time I finally decided to go to bed I realized I never made the bed that day. Instead of doing the obvious I dragged a couple blankets and my pillow to the couch and crashed there. Dad says I'm such a bachelor.

Sunday I had plenty of time to do all the chores around the house that I had been putting off all week. The only one that did get completed was dish washing. The rest of the time was spent largely playing video games before I went over to my parents' place for dinner & lending my secretarial skills to my father by organizing paperwork from past years to help him prepare to solicit donations to the local food pantry from area businesses. I also gave Mom & Dad their gifts from Japan and shared stories, photos & other things I picked up there. There's still more to come when I finally get those journal entries updated. (Rrrgh!)

What else? I'm sick but it's difficult to tell exactly how much because it changes throughout the day.

I learned that there is a new Rolling Stones album I should check out before someone asks if I've done so already. There's also a new sigur rós album to add to the other which I haven't heard yet. When is it gonna be payday.

I have somehow misplaced my Spy Hunter PS2 game as well as my Tokyo Police Special Cataclysm Division t-shirt, the latter having not been seen since I brought it home form Anime Central in May! It's gonna drive me nuts until I find them.

And that's about it for the night. I quit.

- E V I L O U T -

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