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I awoke this morning at 11:30 to the phone vibrating atop the dresser. It's an older hotel phone so it has an actual bell and a little red light that flashes with an incoming call. I like the look and sound of it, it works fine and is sure to wake me up if needed. This time it was Colin, whom I'd expected to call since we made vague plans to do something or somethings together today.

He had just awakened too and it took us about 20 minutes to finally decide that he should come over to my place since he had some stuff to show me on the computer. This gave me enough time to shower and put some stuff away and blah blah blah so he showed up and I am now hooked on a web series called Red vs Blue. It's a pity that I have such a slow connection because the files on the website are so big that it would take days for me to download but I'm probably gonna try anyway because I don't want to wait for the next season. Argh!

We dinked around with my MAME games for a while and eventually decided to get something to eat. We were both low on funds but I had a coupon for Pizzeria Uno's good for $5 off a $15 meal. It expired on the 24th but we figured it wouldn't hurt to ask since some places would honour them anyway.

So we got there and ordered and had a serious discussion of morales in attempting to use said expired coupon. I dedided not to say anything and left the coupon in plain view to wait for our bill. The food was good, each of us ordering personal pizzas. It's one of those restaurants where they specialize in one thing but have a variety on the menu, and I still only go there for what they specialize in. Like IHOP. Each table had a decorative lamp hanging directly above and I swung ours to annoy the people at the other tables since they're all connected to the same electrical cable. I also asked the waitress to bring Colin another napkin at one point but he so vehemently insisted that he didn't need one that I didn't ask again.

Eventually, the waitress discovered our little scheme and said she couldn't accept the coupon. I asked her to do it anyway and she declined, saying her manager wouldn't let her. I suggested altering the date and she said he'd notice. I offered to tear it slightly, obscuring the date but she again declined. So as we were leaving I threw a pointsettia on the floor. Ha! That will show them!

Half Price Books afterwards yielded small treasures as usual. For me, The Wall: Live in Berlin, not Pink Floyd but Roger Waters and friends for charity. Colin, naturally enough, found some horrible movies.

On the way back I discovered a need for curly fries and pulled into an Arby's drive through. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Hi.
Speaker: Hi, welcome to Arbies. Would you like to try... (wasn't paying attention.)
Jim: My name is Jim.
Speaker: (silence)
Me: How are you?
Speaker: I'm fine, how are you?
Me: I'm pretty good. We just got back from Half Price Books and found some neat stuff... Anyway, I'd like a large order of curly fries.
Speaker: Ok, that's one large order of curly fries, anything else?
Me: Could you do a little dance?
Speaker: Uh, no.
Me: That would cost extra, huh?
Speaker: ... Yeeeah...
Me: Ok, then. I'll just have the curly fries.
Speaker: That'll be a dollar forty-seven, please pull ahead.
(Next time I'll just ask them to sing the total for me)

So I pulled ahead (as directed) and while pulling I looked over at Colin who was doubled over next to me in the fetal position. It's not often when I crack him up like this so I let him be, thankful that he didn't interrupt my conversation with the speaker-guy. I paid with a two-dollar bill and received my dollar, fifty-three cents change and went off.

Upon return to my home I showed him the anime that I had threatened him with earlier and that he seemed to enjoy. The second episode had an audio commentary that I turned on, being one of the funniest I've ever heard. The director wouldn't let the two voice actresses have any sake before the session so they stopped at the grocery store on the way over and got energy drinks. WHEEEE!! Needless to say, I will be bringing this series to the New Year's Eve party I've been invited to among other members of A-Club.

Argh. Brain... failing... Can't type... at normal... ... ... rate. Hands cold. Must think... of ... ending...

- E V I L O U T -

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