Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

Fall of the Shadow King, a poem

Fall of the Shadow King


Evil Jim

The Shadow King arises & salutes his mighty horde.
Ten hundred thousand gauntlets soar & pledge unto their lord
A loyalty as black and fierce as every soldier's soul
To fight or die at his command to reach his lofty goal.

Their horns are sharp, their shields are wide, their plate is polished black.
Swords are drawn & spears raised high, they never will turn back!
The Shadow King (O' Shadow King) has led them long & far--
They shall arise the victors in the glory of his war.

Thunder rolls & fills the sky with dark, foreboding doom:
A lightning flash, a steady gale; a battle coming soon.
The stars are right, the clouds are thick, they roll & boil & churn
And time now for the Dripping Yellow Madness to return.

A brilliant horrid mass of light ascending to the sky
Drips golden flame & tentacles that writhe & intertwine.
A straight-on charge it leads to meet the fearsome Shadow King
Who sees at last the awesome might and terror that it brings.

The Dripping Yellow Madness has engulfed his massive frame
And melts away the darkness that had granted him his name.
The folly of the Shadow king had doomed him from the start,
For he is broken, he is mad & sunshine fills his heart.

© 2005 Evil Jim

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