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Jet-lag lag

Sure, NOW I'm awake. I slept fast, deep & easy every night of the tour last week despite the 14 hour time difference. With all the physical & mental activity of adventuring in a foreign land it was not problem getting to sleep at the end of each very busy day. Now, on the second night back in my own bed in my own home I doze for a bit & then find myself wide awake at five am. I suspect it doesn't help that I slept for nearly 12 hours the night of my return, waking at four in the afternoon but I have easily survived sleeping binges in the past that have spanned such hours & been able to sleep at the usual time the following night.

Hopefully this little bit of concentrated mental activity will allow me to easily fall off once I return to bed. Unfortunately this may take up to an hour, leaving little time for actual slumber before I must rise again in the morning. There are few but vitally important things to do before I must return to work.

Dagon is sick & I don't know for how long. Thea stopped by a couple times to check on my fish & the aquarium while I was away & left a note on the tank about one of them having spots on their gill. Now today I noticed him resting on the bottom which I've never seen him do before but no other seemingly ill effects. I did note him hovering in one spot for prolonged periods shortly after introducing him to the tank but this was an inch or so off the gravel. Now he's laying there on the gravel, upright but still. There is also a milky white substance on the skin of his normally velvet black left fin. He comes up once in a while to feed or look for food but much of the time he's still on the bottom. Therefore, I must set up the quarantine tank once again & isolate him for treatment. This is a relatively simple project, barring the cleaning prior to setup but maintaining a quarantine tank is a lot of work since I don't have a filter for it & have to do frequent water changes, as well as remove all the waste by hand. Ugh. I hate it when my fish are sick.

I also have to make a trip to the bank to deposit the several hundred dollars in cash left over from the trip as well as two paychecks. All of this will go into checking to pay for the next credit card bill which will be my largest ever, & the others that have piled up over the last week. Sorting out the rest of the mail can wait.

Next comes my journal & chronicling my adventures in Japan therein. I've devised a plan to simplify & expedite the process but it will still be an intensive & time-consuming project. Work, but a labour of love & I intend to record every minute I can of this singular & wonderful vacation. Thusly, current updates will suffer as I work on updating the backlog, but I expect nothing out of the ordinary in the coming days including fish-care & workaday drudgery that won't be worth missing. I'll still obsessively click "refresh" on my own friends page to keep up on your own journals.

Hmm. Still awake. I read From Beyond before my first attempt at sleep over an hour ago. It wasn't nearly as long as I remember & I suspect that I have been influenced by short film adaptations more than the work itself. It's still quite good, if a little rushed. This story is in the volume The Dream Cycle of H.P. Lovecraft: Dreams of Terror & Death from Del Ray. I brought it to Japan & read several stories on the airplane to supplement my arsenal of weaponry to combat boredom & mental fatigue. I suppose I selected that particular volume because outside The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath & The Doom that came to Sarnath I haven't read that cycle of stories very often. Having familiarized myself once again with a number of them I don't know what it was that first disinterested me. Perhaps because the general impression is that of awe & wonder rather than horror. There is definitely less action in some of the Carter tales than those that he's famous for. Regardless, I'll try another story once I return to my bed. The only other option is staying awake throughout the day once again & collapsing by means of sheer exhaustion after work tonite but I have too much to do to allow that & I wouldn't risk going to work in that state.

I'm rambling. I don't even know where to begin separating that last paragraph by subject into smaller chunks.

I miss Japan & I don't to wait a couple years to return. It was too long for the first time. At least I can look forward to going to New York next spring/summer.

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