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The first paragraph of the first draft of this entry was about how I was getting used to the blasted Japanese keyboards. After nearly an hour and several paragraphs somewhere along the line I had to hit the "backspace" key and the webpage went back one, deleting everything I had written. I found Word Pad which should suffice for future entries but it's a helluvablow. I may have to paraphrase a bit.

I've finally finished writing out the postcards I'm going to send. So much has been going on this week that I had to abandon my journal until the flight home just to ensure the letters would get out on time. Everyone who sent their address to me can expect a little something and I hope those others of you reading this who did not don't feel left out, I'm still thinking of you.

Matt & I didn't sign up for sumo in time so we instead took the Tokyo Morning Tour with a local tour company. It's your typical coach ride around town to local landmarks with obligatory photo stops. Not overly exciting but it's an easy way to see some sights in a short amount of time without having to go out of your way. The bus stopped at Tokyo Tower but I was the only one to go all the way up to the top. I got some great photos of myself with my Megatokyo bag which also has pins for Secret of Mana Theater & 9th Elsewhere. When I return I will send each of the creators a picture. Jerry from SoMT encourages it: "If you're a fan and you live next to the world's biggest hole, or something else impressive, feel free to send a picture."

The imperial palace was indeed impressive but I didn't get nearly as many pictures. The same at the famous jewelery store (whose name I've forgotton) that specializes in pearls.

My favourite part of today's tour was by far the arcade that features 100 little shops crammed into 2 or 3 small blocks. Lots & lots & lots of souvineers and food and neat things to look at and buy and hardly any time to do so. I even stopped at the \100 shop and found the cheapest soda I've found here so far: a 16oz can of Mt. Dew. Hopefully it will survive the long trip back for permanant display in my fridge. I bought many more presents at the arcade and a yukata for myself but had to rush most of my browsing as we were short on time. Outside a young Japanese girl and possibly her grandmother stopped Matt & I to chat and ask for pictures. It turns out they're tourists from Osaka. Their English was quite good and I again proved that my Japanese translation of "I am very sorry. I do not speak any Japanese whatsoever"is too good to be convincing to the natives. I wish I had time to visit the great shrine situated at the end of the arcade but it was time to go. They even had to leave poor (aka "Skippy)Paul behind because he didn't make it in time. Hopefully he still had his JR rail pass and wits about him enough not to panic and find his way back.

Back at the hotel gave up on packing in favour of lunch at Anna Miller's and finishing the postcards. Using the Yahoo! cafe isn't bad for that but I keep expecting someone to tap me on the shoulder and tell me that my time is up, especially since I've been here for quite a while. It is time to go, tho'. Tomorrow morning we leave our luggage at the front to be delivered to the airport before we go to Production I.G. and shopping. This means I have to pack everything except what I will need for tomorrow night until we check out of the hotel and head home and carry it with me all day to Production I.G. & Akihabara & elsewhere shopping. Ugh. They could have planned this better but I will probably survive. Only two more nights & I will be home. I even have to work on Friday. At least I get two paychecks.

Hope everyone is having a good time. Take care gaigen! Sayonara!

- J I M O U T -

P.S. I don't know what radio station they're playing but this is the second time since I've been here that they've played that Gorillaz song. I guess playlists are as bad here as in the states.

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