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H.G. Wells meets Ed Gazsi

 Mr. Wells 1901This has indeed been the weekend for interesting phone calls. Once again I was awakened at eleven o'clock but this time had pulled myself together enough before answering that I didn't sound as if I had been roused from bed. I suspected it might be Caleb warning me that he would be over soon to pick up his forgotten cell phone, or possibly matt_william since we had already spoken of getting together again to watch Lost in Translation. It was neither, and my jaw dropped when the man calling introduced himself. It was Ed Gazsi.

Some months ago I was scouring the Internet for images pertaining to H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds. Neither motion picture had been released yet and I was hungry for anything new on the subject. Google image searches yielded many fine results such as: a gallery of Martian photos and maps called The Changing Views of Mars, discovered while searching for Schiaparelli's maps; a well-done and nearly acurate sketch of the Wells' Martian; the awe inspiring Martian tripod & cylinder sculptures erected in the city of Woking, wherein Wells' novel the first cylinder landed; and a wonderful portrait of the author himself.

Mr. Wells 1930sWhen I first bought my house I had vowed to avoid hanging posters on my walls since I had lived with the effective yet crude décor for as long as I had lived with my parents. If I wanted to display something it would be framed or done in such a tasteful way as to counter the stereotypes of a typical bachelor pad. One thing I wanted was to have three large framed pictures of my favourite authors, namely H.G. Wells (1866-1946), Edgar Alan Poe (1809-1849), H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1936), and more recently, Lord Dunsany (1878-1957.) Photos of Mr. Poe are easy enough to find, as well as Mr. Wells (Dunsany & Lovecraft will be more of a challenge) but I hadn't yet made a definite decision on what images I wanted. I was leaning toward the photo above of a young Mr. Wells who, interestingly enough, looks much like a good friend of my father's at that age. Google yielded many images of various quality but the one that caught my eye the most was a painting by freelance illustrator, Edward S. Gazsi.

Mr. Wells by Ed Gazsi I was impressed; the pose, the expression, the color, all work so well together and conveys just what I wanted to see in something I would hang in my home. I immediately wrote him a letter gushing over his work and asking if he sold prints. He responded a couple days later and after exchanging several letters regarding options, details and other information and a couple months where I misplaced his contact information my check was finally on it's way.

Mr. Gazsi was possibly the last person I expected to call me one late Labour Day morning. In fact, I had completely forgotten that I included my phone number along with the address and check I mailed. I composed myself quickly enough but he still commented on my surprised reaction. He had called to discuss final details regarding the print he was sending. It's printed on a special material that can be stretched like canvas over a wooden frame to give the appearance of an actual painting so I suspect I will have to enlist the assistance of my artist friends to do so. He is signing the copy for me and it should arrive in a long mailing tube by the end of the week.

We chatted of other things: He lives in Florida but was not bothered much by Hurricane Katrina. He asked if I was an artist and I told him I'm more of a writer, which piqued his interest. He would especially like to see any of my science-fiction work so I will e-mail him A bit of Green Leather as soon as I can find it again. I agreed to write again to let him know the print arrived safely and will send a photo later once it is displayed in my home with the others I plan to get.

If I had the money I would commission him for paintings of the other authors but his original works are currently out of my price range. I will be happy with this for now and who knows, maybe he'll like my stories enough to illustrate one.

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