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Kicking off the weekend with new shoes

This past Saturday I drove to Cambridge with Dad to pick up the folks' annual quarter of beef. They've been doing this for the past few years now and it works out quite well; the meat is very good, from someone local they can trust and much cheaper than buying it pound by pound from the grocery store. The trip was easy enough for me as all he needed me for is driving and help with loading and unloading the coolers of meat, but I was groggy for most of the trip having insufficient time to awaken before we left leaving me with the insatiable need to stretch whenever I was seated and driving.

I returned home exactly at noon and promptly called crabmoon so we could leave for State Street shopping. It's rare that we get to spend time alone together and I enjoyed it thoroughly. She waited patiently while I shopped for and tried on shoes at our first stop, Jack's Shoes. Two pair of my Converse All Stars had lefties that were falling apart and unwearable and I needed a new pair. Luck struck like a blow to the head; not only did they have my favourite colour in my size, my favourite colour in my size was being heavily discounted because they just weren't selling. I bought one pair each of high-tops and low-cuts and vowed to return with more money for the super-high tops that were marked down from $79 to $33.

We had a nice stroll all the way down and up the street, stopping here and there to browse racks stores had set up outside. Lindsay kept worrying about being there for Maxwell Street Days and spending too much money but aside from lunch her purchase totaled a little over a dollar for new canvass shoes at Ragstock.

We dined at Noodles, something we hadn't done together since we were dating. Great conversation was had over great food and I was surprised to find us discussing politics and history, uncommon subjects not only for me but for our group. I like having all my friends together but I also enjoy one-on-one time where it's a little more personal and you can connect in ways that otherwise may not be possible.

When we got back to town we agreed to call and do something later. I went home and managed somehow to get some important cleaning and organizing done. A few more Felix Unger attacks like that and this place will be again suitable for company.

We got together again at renny1780's for a pretty tame evening and Shawn of the Dead. Since I've seen it twice before I half-watched and half-read more of The Comlete Jorkins vol III by Lord Dunsany. Lindsay painted her new shoes which regrettably did not fit (I told her to try them on in the store) Not much else happened and we departed shortly thereafter.

I spent the rest of the evening obsessing over Castlevania music and chatting with Sheri. Ever since I bought the two "Dracula Best" CD collecitons at Acen I have been unable to get enough Castlevania music. I've downloaded all the Overclocked Remixes and I'm working on the multimedia section of the Castlevania Dungeon. I can't get over how much good music has come from that series.

I really wish I could do more for Sheri. She broke her arm a week ago and will be unable to play for eight weeks. This can be very traumatic for a musician when you don't know if you'll be able to play the same again afterward. This and other things are making life pretty stressful and I'm doing all I can to be there for support. Unfortunately, our main method of communication is instant messaging so if I'm not at my computer I'm not there for her. Hopefully things will clear up or work out. I'll send a copy of The Wizard of Speed & Time soon to help cheer her up.

Jon called this morning regarding a lunch in Cambridge that I completely forgot about. He had two gift certificates received from his last concert with Offbeat and invited me a week ago to use them. The brunch buffet was excellent and I won't hesitate to return if I can find company again. Following the food we shopped for groceries, watched a picsub of the Evangelion: After the End/ audio drama and played a few hours of Katamari. Well, I watched him play. He's hooked now, and would buy a PS2 tomorrow had he not student housing to pay for soon.

I don't need it, but I would like a PS1 with screen just like his. It's too cute, and a great travel size. But then, the new PS2 is small enough too...

Next week promises to be a bit slower at work. Hopefully the weather will be more tolerable; it's just been sapping my ambition to do anything lately. . . Well, not entirely. Last week I did manage to get my prescription mix up straightened out, and call a repairman to fix my porchlight, leaky toilet and cut a hole in the wall for the furnace guys to get at the heat exchanger. Now I have my wonderful soft water again for super slippery showers. I should have done that ages ago.

We leave for Japan in six and a half weeks. I should start panicking packing.

J I M O U T -

P.S. I finally finished and backdated my last trip to Rocky.

Update! This just in: Thor steals weatherman's pillow girl. Weatherman turns into Santa and chases him through Donkey Kong levels. Film at eleven.

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