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I suppose I should get started on my weekend entry if I'm ever going to finish it.

The best part by far was Rocky Horror. I had to work Saturday evening so I went straight from there to the Orpheum where I met Tom who was trying to read an Onion in the darkened lobby. We met Lindsay, Tick, Monica, Caleb and Rene in front of Noodles and three of Lindsay's friends shortly thereafter. There was still a half hour before showtime and people needed food. On our way to Taco Bell I managed to get close to everyone in turn out of earshot of Lindsay to tell them to make sure she gets an aisle seat. No, I wouldn't say why.

This particular Rocky is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, because it's the last one for Hal & Colin. Secondly, it marks the fourth time I've seen it in the theater, thereby surpassing the number of times I've seen my favourite movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen. Long ago I swore I would never see a movie in the theater more times than my absolute favourite; this would elevate the status and respect of Raiders in my own eyes, and keep ticket costs at bay. But I couldn't keep myself from Rocky and miss out on seeing my friends just because of that. So for now, until Raiders is either re-released for it's 25th anniversary or gets another art-house showing where I can see every showing every day, I will reclassify Rocky as "live theater" and continue to attend and sing "fucky mouse" at the screen.

Anyway, Tom is under age. I probably shouldn't point that out but he had no difficulty getting into the show. He had seen the movie before but was still a virgin and hitherto unbeknownst to the horrors that would soon befall him. (heh. I almost wrote "whores")

Once again there was an asshole directly in front of me (tho' none directly behind, thankfully.) But I guess that's something I'll have to accept if I want to keep going to the show.

I got a lei from Trixie and asked her for a dollar's worth of fantastic crap. I ended up with another kazoo but a tube of bubble fluid which more than made up for it. My kazoo didn't work well but they must not all be bad as I heard Caleb quite effortlessly tooting away music from the Mario Brothers.

The pre-show festivities again called for all the virgins to the front and Tom needed no encouragement to join them. Instead of the "fuck the virgins" routine they went with an impersonation contest; what different animals sound like when having orgasms. Tom won by a landslide with his impression of a mogwai. This show definitely left a good impression on him because shortly thereafter he was asked to come on stage once again to play the Bride in the opening scene. He did well, and I hope he has enough time in his busy schedule to join cast when he finally turns 18.

The crowd shouted "LIPS!" and they got them with Hal's last performance (for now) as Trixie during the opening titles. She made a b-line for my group and drug the bewildered Lindsay out of her aisle seat and down to the stage. Trixie forced her to her knees, handcuffed her, blindfolded her and set about a stunning striptease for the enjoyment of the crowd and the torture of poor Lindsay who could barely move and couldn't even see until she managed to shake off her blindfold. Trixie gave her a little souvenir and when Lindsay came back to her seat her face was covered with smeared lipstick. She looked like she lost a fight, but she was happy and remained in a quiet and stunned silence for quite some time after. Everyone in my group kept asking me how much of my soul or what on Earth I had to do for Hal to get her to do that. All I can say in return is "Heh heh."

Heh heh heh. Bah ha haa! BWAAAA HAAA HAA HAAA HAAAAAA!!!

Anyway, I started to remember some of the callbacks and I can actually do the Time Warp without just going through the motions and waiting for cues from the movie. I sat next to Colin so I could hear his callbacks this time in case some belligerent loudmouth tried to drown us all out again, and because I seem to be in better form when he's nearby.

The show was great of course. Collin is the best Riff Raff I've seen (and much better looking than the original) and Hal as Rocky is just too much for mere words. The rest of the cast did an excellent job, but since I don't know anyone else by name all my applause and admiration will go to the two I do know. Huzzah!

Following the show we again converged on Perkins in a swarm and overwhelmed the poor, surly wait staff. Lindsay had cleaned up most of her makeup but kept a single kiss-print on her forehead as a souvenir. She showed me her coupon for Hot Colin Action with "Colin" crossed out and "Hal" written in above. I encouraged her to go turn it in since the Hot Action had very much been delivered but she was still a bit shy about approaching Hal and thus, the coupon remains rumpled at the bottom of her purse.

Before we left I presented Colin & Hal with their going-away gifts: two Red Dwarf books that they haven't read and two bottles of Ramune. Ahh, delicious Ramune. They offered me Nerds and other yummy candies and we chatted until the crowd began to disperse. I got them into a few group photos before making my own way homeward and collapsing to sleep. Mmmm, sleeeep.

Good luck Hal and Colin! I look forward to crashing your place once you get settled in.

- J I M O U T -
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