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Pay Pal

This just in this morning's mail:

Dear Class Action Statutory Fund Claimant:

Your payment of $8.00 as a statutory fund claimant in the In Re PayPal Litigation class action lawsuit has been credited to your PayPal account. No further action is required for you to claim these funds.

To access your account, please go to www.paypal.com

To learn more, read FAQs at https://www.paypal.com/settlement-faq

I'd been wondering about this on and off whenever I use my PayPal account. I was ready to chalk it off with the only consolation being at least I participated, but here it actually went through. Eight dollars isn't much, but I didn't have a personal problem with PayPal in the first place. Anyway, I'm glad it worked.

Say, did anyone else receive anything?

Longer, more detailed update to come soon. I had a great weekend and I want to get it out and get it right when I don't have to keep one eye on the clock. For now, it's bed-time for Evil.

- J I M O U T -

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