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The Gods of Pegāna

I just finished copying The Gods of Pegāna by Lord Dunsany to my iPod. There is a limit on the size of text files you can transfer so I had to break it down into individual chapters before moving them. This works for the most part but the longer chapters are still cut off.


Next I will attempt to copy/paste movable text into a .txt file in hopes that removing the line formatting will allow more space in each file, as well as make it easier to read on the tiny iPod screen. It's frustrating, but a good exercise, and I really don't mind that much anyway since this is, after all, my favourite book.

This year The Gods of Pegāna turns 100 years old. Before the year is out I will find some day (a special day!) to hide myself away and read it cover to cover. My first edition copy does not see the light of day very often. It is a rare beauty as a printed work and I limit myself to how often I turn its brittle leaves and trace its lines with my naked eyes. Protected by delicate sheets of ancient transparent tissue paper are eight plates by artist Sidney Sime whose imagination for the fantastic is unparalleled. It is a rare treasure and a special treat to enjoy these stories in their first printing and I will make an occasion (tho' not necessarily extravagant) of it.

Speaking of beloved stories, the next volume of the Harry Potter series is released this week and I expect several friends to simultaneously vanish for a few days as they eagerly devour this penultimate installment. For them, I share this interesting article about a few fans who got their hands on the book... a little too early.

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