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Pain in the . . .

I currently ache in about half a dozen places right now. It would be far too cliché to say "I'm getting old" (not to mention that I quite dislike that phrase) so I will merely list them:

  • My left knee has been a minor nuisance for a long time and has been described in detail elsewhere. Hopefully I can begin the process of mending this before year's end.

  • I noticed a cut and blood on my left knee on the way home from WotW after Six Flags. I must have cut myself on the underside of a table in the theater on the way out or something because I would have noticed this had it happened before then. It hasn't hurt until recently now that it is scabbed over and healing and I frequently bump it at work.

  • My left elbow became a nuisance a couple of months ago. I noticed discomfort if I used an armrest a certain way or layed on the floor propped up on my elbows. It was easy to forget about for a while but gradually increased. Now I must be wary of lifting heavy objects or risk a sharp, strength-sapping ache. My doctor said to take it easy on that arm. I don't think it's working. It doesn't help that I tend to whack the elbow on a doorway every few days

  • My left palm is my own fault. Last week I was having problems with my hand-held computer at work and in frustration I smacked it. Hard. I do this every once in a while and it damages neither the keyboard or my hand. This is due to the sturdy bracket and holster that keeps it in place when it isn't being carried. This time I missed and my palm struck a corner. It hurt. Later that night I was seriously concerned I may have broken a bone. But there was no swelling and by next day the sharp pain had subsided into a dull ache. I will try not to do this again.

  • The back of my neck began hurting Sunday night as I had spent some time on the way to and from gaming attempting to doze in the car. Now I can't look down or to the far side without wincing. The next time we game I hope they will take my sleep schedule into consideration rather than treating me like luggage.

  • I was disappointed for a very brief moment when upon introspection I found only five items rather than six as I originally mentioned. Once I was through scolding myself for being so doltish I realized the most obvious one:

  • The last item to round out this half-dozen complaints is simultaneously the easiest and most difficult to heal. A single person (the right person) could do it instantly and having no one at all will prolong the condition for months. I am speaking simply of a broken heart. Aw crap.

I shaved last night. Normally I just do my face and neck but this time I included my hands and feet. Now they're sensitive and smooth and look clean for once.

I've never been fond of body hair which is quite unfortunate because I'm almost completely covered by it. I like a mustache or the occasional beard but I could be perfectly happy with clean, smooth skin from the neck all the way down. It's really just a nuisance. It's unsightly, it itches and collects sweat which doubles the amount of dust and dirt I pick up. When I'm wet the hair gets plastered down and as it dries each one sticks back up and feels like I have spiders walking all over me. It's just unpleasant.

People who don't have it don't know what it's like. Having a constant layer of fuzz dulls sensitivity and confuses complex touch. Were it an easier option I'd shave myself completely but there's just too much to maintain. I swear I'll do it someday tho' Just to see what it's like. But I'll probably wait until I have someone to share the experience with and have some fun.

So for now I have nice, clean-shaven hands. They look like a surgeon's, all pale and smooth. The hair at my wrist where the shave stops looks a little like the sleeve cuff of a strange weave of fabric and a little unnatural, but no one has ever mentioned it. It's kinda neat but next time I might just go all the way up to my shoulder. My arm hair is a very light blond and one advantage it provides (probably the only one) is the illusory appearance of a tan. Otherwise my arms would probably be just as pale as everywhere else.

I have Hobbit's feet. They're large, thick and have a tuft of hair on the top of either, as well as on each toe. This gets bothersome at times because the hairs are spread out and grow very long. In the summer when my feet sweat and remain confined to shoes or boots for eight to ten hours a day the hair grinds into my skin causing much discomfort. Shaving these remedies this immediately provided there are no nicks or scratches. I suppose my leg hair kind of sorta looks like another cuff, but I haven't payed too much attention to that.

I just checked; prior to this paragraph my word count is 909. I may as well continue on for another 70 (including the first half of this sentence) and stop at an even 1,000. That's my average goal for journal entries. It's plenty of space to get in what needs to get out and not too much to slog through if I have to refer back to it in future. I write most of these in Open Office.org in case Live Journal ever dies or I need to refer back to them while away from the Internet. Now, with little else to say for the time being I say, "spam cutlet."

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