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It's an update

Not much of an update, but an update nonetheless.

Went gaming with the old gang for most of today. Had to get up at seven in the morning to do it but it all worked out well. We gained quite a bit of experience points for 1st level characters, due mostly to James' personal knowledge (as well as his characters) of siege defense strategies and luck. We nearly lost in the end to a small pack of dire wolves (CR3!!) but managed to down one and severely wound another who ran off with the last survivor. Then Raven's character, a rogue archer and the only other one left standing, stabilized the wounded, stuffed everything and everyone we could into our bag of holding and high-tailed it back to town before the Goblin village we were prowling around could find us.

I'm not normally a fan of combat because everything slows down and every six seconds has to be played out action... by... action and wastes a lot of time better spent roleplaying. I wasn't very fond of this one either but I did my best, determined to follow through to the end. We lost our two barbarians and dwarf right away because the things were so damned powerful. Jon, the half-orge was about to just give up. He was quickly down to minimal hit points and whined about one-hit kills and why bother. Raven and I hadn't even been hit yet as we were back a ways lobbing arrows into the fray. I wasn't about to let my character die without a fight so I kept rolling to-hits and convinced the other surviving members to continue. Jon was able to get in one more good hit and we struck with a few more arrows before they finally tucked tails and ran. Outside of one of my called shots actually hitting their mark It was about the only way we could have survived given the circumstances. Ultimately, we only lost one player character and the rest survived to collect the experience. Thus saving me the hassle of creating a new character.

In other, more boring news, I got the ghost shrimp and plants for the aquarium yesterday, as well as changed the water and (finally) found out where I can find new filter cartridges (I think.) (The fish are loving it, especially Carter who hasn't had any cover for several weeks since the old plants withered up.)I treated Colin to lunch an War of the Worlds too and he was gracious enough to allow himself to be a little late to his evening activities so I could save mileage getting my fish stuff. We talked a lot about the story and various versions, not to mention the collector's edition of Jeff Wayne's version. We both agreed that the big budget movie's score wasn't very remarkable but we could still look forward to an animated version in a few years with a lot better music.

Speaking of Colin, this link's for you.

Oh yes, and some fairly recent (September '04) photos of Mike Jittlov.

Enough is enough. Time to cool off.

- J I M O U T -
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